Think Pink. Wear Blue.

Love God. Live Life. Go Cats. Fight Breast Cancer.

#TeamKCT – We Think Pink for Kailen!

24 thoughts on “Home

  1. Bless your heart Princess. I had no idea you had health problems, you’ve always been a light to those you’ve touched. You are a strong woman, and through it all I’ve always witnessed you to be a beautiful person. May God hold you, your husband and your family. I’m sending you my love. My husband and I will be praying for you in hopes of a full recovery and a life cancer free. Stay strong. “Emmanuel, God is will us. El Shaddai, all sufficient.”

    Your story makes me think of a beautiful song that if you haven’t heard yet you must hear; It’s called Our Hope Endures by Natalie Grant.

    Please know that I will always have the time to be of assistance to you, a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen.

    We here at the Hardesty home are TEAM KAILIN! Fight Strong!

  2. Kailen, been keeping up with you for a while via Debbie. Our family are Deb and families good friends from Wisconsin ( from seminary). I pray for you everyday! Welcome to all our snow. Deb sent me your blog and twitter info. Will continue praying for you, Bryan, your family and the Doctors and Nurses.

  3. I pray that God does a miracle and heals your body. I saw your story on YouTube. A Facebook friend posted your video. God bless you and your husband! Will pray daily.

  4. HI there my precious girl. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your beautiful smile has not changed from the moment we met at Centerfield Elementary School way back in the day! May God bless you and keep you safe. My prayers are with you, your family, your doctors and nurses.

  5. Kailen, you are an inspiration to many, many folks — whether you realize it or not. We pray for you everyday and can’t wait to see you again sitting 2 rows in front of us at New Life! “No weapon formed against us will prosper”!

  6. Sending you love…from China!! I’ll be back in Lex soon, but the point is that somebody is thinking about you and sending love and happiness from all of the way across the world. You have that effect, you know.

  7. Kailen,
    While I only met you once, and that was at the benefit dinner, once was all that was needed to know how wonderful and bright of a spirit you truly are. Your personal strength and faith are exemplary to all others. I think about you from time to time, and this time I just had to leave you a note of well wish.

    May God bless you!

    Jay K. Miller

  8. Kailen,

    Your family is so thankful and proud of you!! Your mother and father workout here at Our Gym workout Anytime. Your mom told me your story and it was really touching. Your attitude during all of this is priceless. So many people in time of need should be just like you. I can relate in 1990 I was diagnosed with a heart condition and died. then that was took care of when I came back after a minute. God said your not done yet. Then in 2008 I died for a minute when I had a head on accident. came back and now God has led me to losing 184 pounds and I can inspire people to do the same. I’ve done talk shows and news articles. God has blessed me and he is going to bless you. Your story touched me. Your mom was telling me all about it. Amazing website as well. You are def in my prayers.

    Stay strong, God Answers Prayers.

    Billy Greenwell

  9. We hav never meet. I am the modern woodmen agent that helped your grandmother with the benefit. If you are anything like her, I know we would be friends. She is very precious to me. I wear your bracelet. The initials KCT are the same as my fathers. He passed away in 2006 with colon cancer. I pray for you and your recovery. The lord works in mysterious ways. Someday you will be rewarded for all that you have endured. Until we meet, Diane Gearlds

  10. Kailen I got an email from your grandmother yesterday. Today at our church (Gamaliel Baptist Church) we had an alter prayer for you and your family. We prayed that God’s hand will be on you and heal your body. Your are such a beautiful girl and an inspiration to everyone.
    Praying for you,

  11. Hi my name is megan your aunt or to me she is mrs Julie combs any way she is my teacher and has asked us to pray for u and I always see the family wearing your think pink wear blue so I just wanted to let u know u r in my prayers

  12. Kailen, We are praying for you in our homes and in our church at Rector’s Flat Baptist Church. Miracles do happen,so never give up hope. You and Jesus make a pretty good team and there is nothing you and Him can’t do together. We Luv and are praying all the way.With JESUS leading we can fight and beat it.You have a beautiful family and more friends than you will ever know. So we Luv you and support you all the way. GOD BLESS !!! JR.

  13. My thoughts are with you and your family girl. A lot of love is coming your way 🙂 xox #TIUSisters #tiuteam #TIUCommunity

  14. I cried and watched your story which I heard of through TIU. keep trusting our sovereign, faithful God. It encourages so many. Love and peace and grace to you dear sister

  15. Where can I buy a sweatshirt? ! I want one and to help. Praying for your family and you but if you have to leave us, God will gain a beautiful angel. God bless you. 💙

  16. Oh sweet Kailen. It’s always a struggle when such an extra positive and beautiful soul is taken from this world, especially when it just seems so unfair. You wonder so many whys. Why you? Why not me? Why not someone else? Why not no one else? But as you’ve said in your blog, you have an understanding which is bigger than what we can see because it comes from Him. Although the solace it provides is sometimes scarce, there’s peace in knowing He wants us all and He has a plan for all of our lives. So you, now, and not someone else is because your heart was so purely surrendered to Him and while alive you touched thousands of lives and in your death even more. Your never-ending, steadfast love and faith has brought and awareness to so many of us who forget our journey doesn’t end here. Thank you for putting on a smile when the days were hard and for pushing through, even before cancer with your many other illnesses, to show with Him all things are possible. Death seems so permanent when we cannot hug someone or talk with someone who leaves this temporary place, but you and I and many others know death here is only the beginning of your eternity. Please save a hug for me so when I can meet you in heaven, I’ll knpw it’s you. You’re loved beyond words.

  17. I am blessed to have known you via social media. You have brought thousands of women together & we will forever miss your kind spirit. Praying the Lord wraps his comforting arms around you and your family. Walk in peace with Him!

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