Welcome to Kailen’s Blog

Learn more about this AMAZING girl, her health battle and how you can help! We’ll add all tweets with the #teamKCT hashtag so that you can follow Kailen!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Kailen’s Blog

  1. This extraordinary young woman took care of me yesterday at the Kentucky Clinic before I saw the doctor- we discovered that we have had a number of the same health challenges, but seeing your story here, Kailen, makes me realize how much more special you are than I even realized. You practically hum with the most beautiful energy, and you are a gorgeous, special soul. I’m awed by your strength and perseverance, your warmth, generosity,openness to and appreciation for life. Meeting you, even briefly in the doctors office was a privilege. I’ll be keeping you in my Medicine Buddha practice, and I know you’ll have a beautiful life. You’ve been tested, but you’ve more than risen to the challenge- you’ve triumphed. I’m so glad to have met you yesterday- I couldn’t be more inspired by your indomitable spirit. Much love to you!!

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