Happy Anniversary!!

While we sit and wait, and wait and sit, I want to say happy 26th anniversary to my parents!! I wish they weren’t having to spend their day at a hospital but I am thankful that I get to be with them and try to have a whole day of celebration 🙂

My parents are two of the most incredible individuals that I know and when you put them together, they are simply unstoppable. And I’d say with the road they have walked together they have MORE than proven that. Their dedication first and foremost to God and then to each other is so obvious and exemplified in how they walk each and every day. Excellence in life and excellence for each other. They are an embodiment and an example of marriage that I have been so blessed to have grown up with. Thank you, Mom and Dad for loving one another! May you be blessed with many more years.

Though I have only been a member of the Combs family for just over 2 years, the trials we have endured together seem to span a much greater time. In the midst of these battles, I have developed a deep-rooted respect and affection for Jeff and Kim–the kind of lasting respect 2 years rarely fashions. They are extraordinary people; that much is evident by simply looking at Kailen. Her strength, resiliency, and immutable beauty is a testament to her upbringing, to the wonderful, strong, wise parents that poured into her. On this day, their 26th anniversary, they continue their enduring, selfless pursuit of healing for their daughter; not spending their afternoon in a 5-star restaurant or hotel, but in a hospital waiting room. I wish them the most sincere of congratulations. There are few people in the world who deserve it more. Love you, Jeff and Kim. Thanks for who you are.

Happy, HAPPY 26th anniversary! I’m so sorry I can’t be there and give this to you in person, but I hope that you two have a wonderful day! Despite the circumstances, find time to celebrate your commitment of unconditional love, faithfulness, and perseverance to each other…which has been passed down to your children, and I plan on continuing that legacy with the rest of the years God blesses me with! Thank you for everything! Love you both SO much.

Mom and dad are perfect in every way and I love them with all my heart!! I am happy I can be the perfect child from the perfect parents. Just kidding! But if all that were true, then we would have a perfect life, and that’s not what we have. However, it is not our calling to be perfect, but that they are as perfect of parents as I can imagine.




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