Mayo Day Two: Beginning of an End

As day two of the Mayo journey is coming to an end, I am happy to report that… I am happy! Our day didn’t have to start off as early, my appointment went extremely well, and my prayers were answered as no extra testing was scheduled for today and we were able to leave the clinic before lunch! All around success.

We started this morning at a welcomed 6:30 am and, while Rochester was the coldest place in the lower 48 states today, waking up to my dad bringing Caribou Coffee to our room started the day off right. (If you’ve never had Caribou Coffee then I highly recommend it! I’m assuming its more of a northern chain but if you’re ever up north then hit it up. You won’t be disappointed.) I had the privilege of enjoying a hot, black and peach tea as well as the best fruit and yogurt smoothie I think I’ve ever had. Thank you Caribou! After that, I knew there was no way this day was going to go downhill.

Once again, we made the quick jaunt to the clinic and went right up to see a gastroenterologist (colon doc). Coming in and knowing the drill was nice and, since all of my stuff was already in the system, our wait wasn’t near as long. The four of us headed back to the room and as soon as my doctor walked in I just knew that I liked him. (And after having many less than desirable experiences with GI docs, that peace was so comforting to feel.)

We began the consultation by doing a complete walk through of every detail of my colon journey starting at age 12. If you would have asked me before the appointment, I would say that I am pretty much ever aware of how I got to where I am now, but when I sat there and spilled out 11 years worth of symptoms, procedures, diagnoses, failed medications, pain, traumatic experiences, and all of the ways my daily life is controlled by disease… man, it hit me again how unbelievably blessed I am to even be here at all! There is no doubt that God has been walking before me, been by my side, and been working behind me to use what I’ve walked through. “Never once have I ever walked alone.”

After we went through my medical history, we began the part of the consult that I, and we all, have been waiting for, for a long time: where do I go from here? So here goes! Basically he agreed that we have tried pretty much everything in the books and my best bet from here is to have my colon removed. Once we established that we moved in to what he thinks my surgical options are and what kind of time frame we would be looking at. He said there are a few more diagnostic procedures they will want to do to make sure they know exactly what they are dealing with, but providing all goes well and the surgeon can fit me into his schedule, I may be able to have surgery as early as late next week! Can you believe that?! This may be my last full week of colon bondage. Praise God!!!!!!!! He then gave us several options for surgery, as far as whether it will be two steps or three, but that will depend mostly on what these next tests show and what the surgeon says. And the plan can even change mid surgery if my body looks different anatomically than what they think it does before going in.

Tomorrow I will see a vascular specialist to address blood issues and will also have an abdominal MRI to give the surgeon a better idea of what he wants to recommend for me for surgery.

So, once again, we don’t quite have a solid plan yet but we do have an ideal, perfect scenario that we want. If all things go perfect and without complication, this is what will happen:

1. Surgeon will have room for me mid to late next week.
2. Surgery will be done laparoscopically.
3. Surgery can be done in just two steps.
4. Surgery goes exactly as planned and I don’t wake up with something different.
5. Recovery time will be 2-3 days.
6. Bryan will be able to still be here for the surgery.

There are still quite a few variables and unknowns but now you know what we are praying for so you can start praying too! Surgery is so SO close and it’s even sweeter knowing that once I am free from my colon I will then be able to fight that much harder against the cancer. Each day is a step closer and I am all but sprinting to get there 🙂

Thank you for your continued prayers! Keep em coming.

(P.S. A very happy birthday to the best mother-in-law in the world today! I wish we could’ve been with you. I love you, Lesa Taylor!)


One thought on “Mayo Day Two: Beginning of an End

  1. 1) I feel ya with the GI doc- less than desirable experiences, the GI pain and distress… what to eat, what to wear. I know EXACTLY what to pray for.
    2) I had laproscopic surgery, but to remove my gallbladder, and it is SUPER quick recovery. Laproscopic surgery also has teeny tiny scars too 🙂 No worries there, you will do great.
    3) You’re almost gastro-distress free!! What are you going to do with yourself?! ONE WEEK. oh praise Him!
    4) Travis and I are praying for you and Bryan. Travis had to go through my trials through changing diets, gastro pain every day, and my surgery- how blessed we are to have such amazing men that God gave to us! We are so loved by our creator. I am praying for your strength and the doctor’s clarity, that you will be completely healed. Lucky you are 22 years young and have your whole life ahead of you! Praise HIM!
    5)Praying for your future, with the cancer. That with this healing your body will be STRONG and be able to press forward, leaving the cancer FOREVER behind.


    Love, Travis and Meghan Yoder and the Hamiltons, we are pulling for the Combs and Taylors!! We love you guys!!

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