Mayo Day 6: Update

(By Mom)

Kailen had a more restful night last night and Bryan and Jeff went back to the hotel to sleep while I stayed here at the hospital with her. The ileostomy is working wonderfully and we are so very thankful! She also was able to take a shower this morning which was very refreshing but also very exhausting. This morning, they also removed the dressing from the incision sights from surgery and they look fantastic! Kailen is still battling some nausea and pain and both of those have kept her from eating and drinking as much as they would like. She has had to have several bags of IV fluid in order to keep her from becoming dehydrated. As soon as she turns the corner on the nausea and can ease up on the pain meds, she is going to feel so much better. Please continue to pray for these specific things. Kailen is beyond grateful for all of the love, prayer, and encouragement to her through this and we are praising and thanking our Great Physician for healing and health! To God be the glory!


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