Mayo Day 7: Still in Hospital

(By Mom)

Today marks day 7 since our arrival in Rochester and day 4 of Kailen’s hospital stay. The doctors are still waiting for Kailen to hit certain benchmarks before they will begin to talk about a discharge date. She IS getting a little stronger day-by-day; however, some criteria that MUST be met is still looming. One of the amazing things Kailen has experienced is that it has been 4 days since she has gone to the bathroom…and, for someone who has spent several hours of every day for the past few years confined to a restroom, that is amazing in and of itself! The biggest prayer need right now is for nausea to go away and stay away. Because of the nausea, Kailen is having trouble eating or drinking anything, and, as we all know, not being able to eat or drink anything creates even more problems.

On a lighter note, Jeff and Bryan have been enjoying getting out an exploring all the restaurants surrounding Mayo. Kailen and I are pretty sure Rochester will never be the same after the Combs/Taylor effect. =)


2 thoughts on “Mayo Day 7: Still in Hospital

  1. Kailen, you are thought of daily with many prayers going up to continue your strength and power The Lord has with your life. You are one very amazing young lady!! Thank goodness for a loving husband and family to be at your side with their strength in The Lord to carry you. Know we think of you all. God Bless. Nancy & Jerry.

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