Mayo Day 9: Somethin’s Gotta Give

Ok so today is day 9 at Mayo and day 5 post surgery and I slept so fitfully last night in preparation for someday to go crazy today! The best candidate you ask?… That would be me 🙂 It is amazing what a few days in the hospital on top of a few physical ailments will do to the mind in such a short amount of time but man, somethin was gonna give today. And praise God… I was discharged!!!!!!

The process of being discharged is never quick but it is always a joyful process no matter how long the precious stay! And feeling the sun on my skin… thank you, God for my life!

Now I still have to go back for mini check ups tomorrow and Friday but hopefully then I’ll be feeling good enough to travel this weekend some time. Please continue praying for that!

So now we are finally all back at the hotel and boy, is our home away from home, homey! The past few recovery days have certainly been rough inane ways but at the end of it all, “Im still here because You are God.” And my God is good #TeamKCT


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