Taking My Sweet Time

I am so sorry everyone that I haven’t finished Part II of the whole saga of the past few weeks, but it has proven itself more difficult than I had anticipated! Don’t worry, I have been working on it, but it has become one of those “too soon” experiences for me. As I have poured back through all of the details of what happened and walked through all of the emotions in my mind, it has literally exhausted me to think about it all over again. So I just wanted you to know that I AM working on it and will get it done as quickly as I can.

In the mean time, if God brings me to your mind this week, please pray for these things:

-Continued full healing in my body
-Relief from stiff muscles and soreness
-Strength to return quickly
-To sleep better & not wake up so stiff
-Site where the drain tube is inserted to not hurt
-Any fluid left from the abscess to drain completely
-Bryan to finish out this round of block exams strongly
-Bryan be healed from some symptoms he is feeling as well

Thank you everyone for continuing to pray for me, I feel God’s peace and comfort daily and I know I am covered by a million prayers! I am feeling better and better each day but it is a new normal to get used to and definitely SLOW going. But the joy of the Lord is my strength and I will not be shaken!


5 thoughts on “Taking My Sweet Time

  1. When I read your first update I literally had no words! You are one strong girl and I pray that God’s mercies are new every day! I am praying for you Kailen

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