And So We Wait…

Good morning!! It’s another beautiful day and, though I desperately wish I wasn’t spending it in the hospital, I am grateful for the sunshine pouring in and the good energy it brings with it 🙂

Not much has happened this morning but we do have a plan of sorts for where we are going to go from here. We spoke with a doctor from the colorectal team and they said it looks like I have one, maybe two, loculated abscesses (separate and filled with fluid), in my lower left side and lower anterior abdomen. It seems the drain that is currently in place is not working for a number of reasons: 1. it isn’t big enough to handle the amount of fluid, 2. it isn’t low enough to reach these spots, and 3. it probably got clogged as well. So because this drain hasn’t been working properly, gravity has taken over and all of the fluid left behind has simply drained to the lowest place it could go. Thus, the firm lump in my belly that I began feeling a few days ago.

We talked to the doctors a bit over an hour ago and now we are just waiting for them to call up and say they’re ready for me. Since it is the weekend, everything is taking a long time to get going because they had to call a doctor in to who is able to do this procedure. And I don’t mind waiting, but it has become considerably more difficult to be patient since I have been NPO (no food or drink) since after midnight last night. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could hear my stomach growling through the screen as you read this! Once the doctor gets here and gets set up, they’ll call me down and they will decide what procedure I will have done. They may just put in a bigger drain, reposition the one that is already in place, possibly a whole new drain, or any combination of the above. Even if they put in a new drain they may not take out the old one, or they might. We really have no idea, it’ll be completely their call once they get in there and see what’s up.

So, to sum up, I will have some sort of drain procedure done today, it will be done before 5:00 p.m., I pray it’ll be before then because I’m hungry, but I am happy because it’s sunny and I’m in my own clothes and not a hospital gown 🙂 (I have a feeling that is probably about to change but I’m savoring the moment!)

Prayer requests:
1. Still believing God can make the abscess go away completely and need no drain!
2. If I need a procedure, simple and no complications.
3. Won’t need a new drain.
4. If I need a new drain, they can take out the old one.
5. No pain after the procedure.
6. This be the LAST leg of this journey and after this I can really and truly and finally, officially heal for good!!
7. Strength and energy for Bryan and I to push through. Especially since he will have to leave tonight to get back for class and has exams coming up.

Keep praying, the battle is not over yet, but we are geared up and ready to go! Thank you for your prayers.


4 thoughts on “And So We Wait…

  1. Prayers coming your way. Prayed with my kids for you today. We prayed for your abscess healing and that God’s timing would be understood by you. My children are confused on the “why”, so I told them Gods timing is perfect, but we need peace and patience to understand. That is why they prayed that for you. Hope that makes sense. Hugs. 😘

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