Our Tentative Plan

Today has been a long day of trying to communicate with all of the doctors I have been seeing for the past month. We have been concerned about the fact that this abscess hasn’t healed any quicker than it has and that it has persisted even with the drain and medicine. So we talked to my doctors back at Mayo, and, after catching them up on what has happened since I left them after surgery, both the surgeon and gastroenterologist had some reservations about doing the procedure I had scheduled for tomorrow.

So, as of now, I will not be having surgery tomorrow. It is not necessarily cancelled but it is postponed. We will be sending all of my records from the hospital here up to Mayo so the two doctors who I saw and who did my surgery can see where I am now and give me an opinion on what is the best course of action from here.

I will now be returning home to Lexington tomorrow and waiting to hear from Mayo before we will know what my next step is. This is what I am praying for to happen from here:

1. Ultimately, that, the next time I get scanned, the doctors will be amazed that the abscess has disappeared and that God has healed me completely.
2. That the doctors at Mayo will say I don’t need to add another drain and that a new medication will be what I need to help the healing process.
3. That communication between us, the doctors here in Louisville, and the doctors in Mayo will be smooth, effective, and uncomplicated.
4. That we will come to the best conclusion of how I should be treated from here and that it be exactly in line with God’s will.
5. That I will continue to feel God’s peace, feel His presence, and know that, even when I can’t see an end, He is still in control and has a plan.


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