Another Tentative Plan

Ok, I know you all are on the edge of your seats ready for an update… so here goes!

Last we left off I was leaving the hospital, and Louisville, and returning to Lexington. I was also waiting on a call from my doctors at Mayo and I have now spoken with them and have a new tentative plan.

It seems my health and healing journey will be continuing… indefinitely. There isn’t an end in sight, as of now, but having a few days away from the hospital and being back home has brightened my spirit and been just the break I needed.

I spoke with my gastroenterologist at Mayo and, good news of all good news, I won’t be getting a second drain!! Praise God. Praise God. Praise God. (I cannot tell you how relieved I am about that. Having one tube coming out of my side was quite enough for me!) My gastro said he had some reservations about placing a second drain, that is might actually hinder the healing process rather than help it. And then he asked that we send him my records and scans from my stay at University so he, and my colorectal surgeon, could look at them and then be able to give us their opinion on where I should go next.

So we sent my records to Mayo, my gastro looked at them, and this is the synopsis of what he relayed to me:

1. The drain that is currently in my side is not in a good position to effectively drain the rest of the fluid in the abscess.
2. My surgeon has not had a chance to look at my scans and records yet but he will look at them tomorrow and we will hear back from him.
3. My gastro wants me to fly back up to Mayo next week so I can be seen by him and so his radiologists can looks at my drain. They will be able to position it differently.
4. I should hear from him tomorrow to know when he can set up a time for me to come and see him.

Yup, I’m headed back to Mayo. No, it’s not what I want, I wish with all I am that I didn’t have to, I am ready for this journey to come to an end, but… I am so thankful to know I am headed back to the best of the best and will be able to rest knowing they will hopefully be able to make this end as quickly as possible.

I don’t know what day I will be going back yet but it will probably be some time early next week, and it will probably be my mom and me seeing as Bryan has finals all next week. It really stinks that I have to leave while he is testing all week, because I will usually cook for him and try to help him through the awful week, but hopefully I will go there and get back in time to celebrate when he’s done! However, some of the celebrating has already begun as of today… I finally got my belated birthday present and it is one of the best birthday presents I have ever received!! My puppy RUPP!! He is the cutest thing in the world and I already love him to death. He fits right in already and Layla already loves him, too. Bryan and I are so happy to finally have our family of four and I am going to be so sad to leave him next week. But I have been happier today than I have in a long time and he’s given me something else to think about other than health troubles. Thank you SO much to Staci, our breeder, for giving me this bright spot and bringing so much joy into my life. You are the best!




I will update everyone soon once we hear back from Mayo and have more solid plans. Till then, please keep praying and approaching God’s throne boldly! My healing is coming soon.


One thought on “Another Tentative Plan

  1. Your puppy is so sweet! Sending prayers to you as you travel back to mayo! Hoping you are feeling better. If there is anything you need let me know

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