Back to Mayo I Go!

Plans for my trip back to Mayo are now finalized and I am ready to go, get good news, and get back! This time it’s going to be a girl’s trip and Mom and I will get to add yet another health adventure to our list of many. 🙂 As I said before, I really wish I didn’t have to go back and I wish that I was completely healed from surgery; however, that is not where I am. I know I am in God’s plan, I am going to be in very capable hands again, and this trip will just get me one step closer to my healing.

Our plan is to fly out to Rochester on Tuesday, get settled at the hotel, and then I will have two appointments on Wednesday, April 24th. After those appointments, my gastro will be able to tell us everything we want to know. Why the abscess is persisting, how long it should take to heal, how long I’ll have to have the drain, if/when I’ll need to come back to Mayo, if I need to have any other sort of procedure done, what medication may help… etc.

So, best case scenario, we fly out Tuesday, have my two appointments Wednesday, make a plan with the doctors for where to go from here, chill Wednesday evening, and fly back Thursday. Please PLEASE be praying that is the case. I know it has seemed like I have had every sort of complication possible in this journey but just because God hasn’t answered my prayers the way I have wanted Him to so far, doesn’t mean I will stop asking and believing and walking in faith from here on out. I don’t pretend to understand my path, AT ALL, and I can’t say I’m all too thrilled with it, but God is God and I am not. He sees the whole picture and I only see part. I know that probably sounds like a cliche but it is the truth, and a truth that brings me more and more comfort as I am learning to accept each day in a deeper way.

Honestly, I am glad I can’t see the whole picture cause if I had seen what I was going to have to walk through before I started this whole thing, I’m pretty sure I would have either ran away or tried to change my identity or something. God doesn’t show us His perspective for a reason and my reason is I just flat couldn’t handle it! I can’t handle the truth! But seriously, God knows what I can take from day to day and His grace comes in my time of need. Not before, not in bulk, not when I think I need it. HIS timing is perfect and I simply have to learn to rest knowing God will not fail me or lead me the wrong way. He’s God, He’s got this.


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