A Much Welcomed Break

Happy beginning of the week! I am so so glad to report that I am at home today, not planning for an immediate doctors visit, and getting to spend the whole day with Bryan! It is amazing to be together and not have to share him with pharmacy school. It has been a long, looooong time since that burden hasn’t been on our minds, and we have been thanking God all day for at least this bit of relief. Between hospitals and homework, I had forgotten what it felt like to actually have a day with him without counting down the minutes until study time. But now, now we have the summer approaching and I could not be more thankful!

So, Mom and I flew back in from Mayo last Thursday and, apart from a few wild and crazy characters, the flights were fairly uneventful. We landed in Louisville around lunch which was perfect because it gave us just enough time to go back to my parents house and bundle up for my brother’s Spring Game at Georgetown. (If you didn’t know, Jarrod will be a junior this coming fall at Georgetown College and is a doing a great job punting!) We didn’t know if we’d be back in time for the game but God gave us great flight times and safe travels so we bundled up and off we went.

We had a blast at the game and got a little tease of the amazing season Georgetown is going to have this coming Fall, but the best part of the game had nothing to do with football at all. Jarrod has been keeping the team updated on my progress and how I’ve been doing ever since my diagnosis and they have all been praying for me the whole time. This past week or so, the team has also been raising money for Relay For Life so this Spring Game was part of the Fundraising activities. The cool part was that another player’s mom and I were both just declared in remission from breast cancer this past week so they announced both of our names and victories over the loud speaker at the game! Then, after the game when we went down on the field to see the players, I got to meet this guy’s mom and talk with her some. Another cool thing was that the entire time I was on the field, players and coaches were coming up and shaking my hand and telling me congratulations and that they’d been praying for me. I even hugged the head coach and thanked him for everything. The whole team was so supportive and kind to me. Definitely a sweet moment and a few tears for me on the Tiger football field that night!

Now, you may have noticed that I haven’t given an actual health update in a few days and for that, I am sorry. I guess when I got the word from the doctors that I had some time off, I just checked out for a while! đŸ™‚ But we do have more of a plan now for what comes next so I can share that with you all.

On this last trip, both the interventional radiologist and my gastro said I was kind of on the edge as to whether or not I needed to keep the drain in; but, they eventually decided I should keep it in for a little while longer just to be safe. They thought two weeks should be long enough, so, I will be heading back to Mayo again next Tuesday & Wednesday, May 7 & 8, for appointments; and, if all looks good, I should be able to have the drain taken out…Praise God! Depending on how the cavity looks when they check it, I may or may not need a few additional procedures to make sure everything is okay before they take out the drain and send me home. But, if all goes well, I will only have the two appointments on the 7th and 8th and maybe get to fly back on the 9th. That’s the prayer this time so go ahead and start believing with me that it will be so! We’re not sure, yet, who will get the pleasure of escorting me on this next trip but either my Mom or Bryan are up for the task so it will be one of them going with me. đŸ™‚

Apart from all the health stuff going on and Bryan having a fantastic finish to the school year, I am doing well. I still have my days of getting frustrated with the drain and the ileostomy, but, overall, life is much better than it has been in the past few months. Do I wish I could just take both the drain and the ileostomy off and throw them away? Yes. But has God continued to use my story far beyond what I could have hoped or imagined? YES! In fact, please be praying for me as I get to go speak to a youth group at my friend’s church this Wednesday on the topic of “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People.” I don’t pretend to have every answer to that question and I still ask that same question to God all the time; but, I do have my story and God’s faithfulness that I can share so I am praying I speak God’s words to those kids!

He IS good, He IS faithful, and I WILL proclaim His goodness to all I can. Share with me! There is a power where He is at work.


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    • Hello! This is Kailen and I just wanted to say hi and thank you for reading my blog, keeping in touch, and taking the time to comment! I cannot say how much I appreciate it. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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