Throwin’ Punches

Good evening all! I just have to say again that this week has been such a good, good week and it’s not even over yet! Getting some time to just be and not have to worry about a schedule has done a world of good for both Bryan and I, and I only wish these weeks came around more often. Nonetheless, we have had a blast getting to spend the week together and enjoy some of God’s blessings.

One of the biggest blessing of the week was given to us last night as I had the privilege of walking through my first “speaking engagement” since the diagnosis this past September. Hallelujah! I was SO excited when my friend Katie asked me to come speak to the youth group at her church in Mt. Sterling. Katie’s husband, Sam, is the youth pastor there and it was an honor to finally get to share my story with people in person of how God has been faithful even when I didn’t understand why things were happening to me. I really enjoyed preparing to speak to the kids and enjoyed even more actually getting to share with them last night. Thank you for praying for me! It went great.

The main reason why I was so happy for last night’s opportunity was because after the initial shock of the cancer diagnosis wore off, one of the things I started to look forward to the most was being able to physically go out and share with people all that God has done, and is doing, in my life. At times, that was one of the only things that kept me going: knowing that God was going to use all the suffering for His good even when the devil intended it all for bad. If I wasn’t going to let God use me and my story then what was it worth? So, at some point, I decided that no matter how bad satan tried to make my circumstances, I was going to turn right around and tell everyone just how GOOD God was/is for helping me through them. If he was going to try and make it tough on me, I was going to make it tough on him!

So speaking to those kids last night, as well as these blog entries, are just the first few punches of many that I intend to throw back at the king of lies after he has tried so hard to take me out of the fight. I got news for ya buddy, ain’t gonna happen! I will fight with all I have and tell as many people as I can about the goodness and power of the Almighty God! And I want to thank you all for keeping up with my story and for sharing it in your own lives. It humbles and blesses me beyond words to see God at work through my life experiences. God is good!


2 thoughts on “Throwin’ Punches

  1. Our God truly is an awesome God! Thank you for allowing Him to use you and your circumstances as a witness to His Greatness!

    • Hello! This is Kailen and I just wanted to say hello and thank you for all of your comments and all of your prayers! I know you have kept in touch and I truly appreciate it. It is always encouraging to get a comment from you! Thank you again and have a wonderful night!

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