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Good evening! Bryan and I safely landed back in Rochester for Round 3 at Mayo this afternoon and we are ready to get things started tomorrow. My first appointment is at 10:00 am so watch for me updating on all of that later tomorrow evening.

For now, it is quite the treat to be getting a little mini “vacation” away with Bryan! First off, the weather is INFINITELY better than the past two trips here. Sunny skies and a warm Spring breeze are much more welcomed than the past heaps of snow and frigid winds! And it is sooooo nice to be healthy enough to get out and explore the city some. After we got settled in our room we walked to get dinner at an authentic Irish pub, McGoons. I didn’t order anything particularly Irish but I did have some pretty spectacular fish tacos with honey lime slaw, and I was definitely diggin the atmosphere!

After we ate, Bryan oh so willingly lead the way to what he calls his favorite place in Rochester. (And I have to say it’s probably mine now too!) We both love to read and spend many a date night in bookstores, so Barnes & Noble is somewhat of a haven for us; however, this particular Barnes & Noble quickly topped the charts. The building is actually an old movie theater that is cradled amidst other aged buildings. It sets off of a charming little courtyard/common area, and if you know Louisville, it had kind of a more quaint 4th Street vibe.

When you walk under the marquee and through the doors, the first thing that hits you is the smell… books and coffee, aka Heaven! Then there are two stories of books on top of books and the most intriguing ceiling. It looks like it never ends since it’s painted to look like a night sky, and if you look up while riding up the escalator it feels like you’re ascending into the heavens!!! We had the best time just perusing and enjoying some time before doctors visits begin.

We are now in and settled for the night but I’ll be sure to update tomorrow after the procedure. Day one here has definitely been a success though. Traveling with Bryan, good food, books, and our hotel is connected to a Caribou Coffee and a Jimmy Johns… I’m a happy girl. 🙂 Hopefully the next time you hear from me this dang drain will be gone! Pray it is so!



3 thoughts on “Out & About

  1. Hey Kailen!

    My name is Jack.I work with your dad at NetGain. (In Chattanooga.) Finally, some sunshine today… It feels like it’s rained here for the past 6 mos.! (and mostly on the weekends) 🙂

    I wanted to tell you that we think of you and pray for you daily. Got your blog sir saved to my home screen on the phone now. (By tge way, my wife just thinks you’re beautiful.) just want you to know that your spirit and your struggle are an inspiration to anyone who reads your blog or knows you. (I’m looking forward to meeting you one day.) I wanted to tell you that I like what you wrote – about how God makes good things out of bad. I know that He does, as he has in my own life, Kailen. I know that he will strengthen you and we continue to pray for that strength and healing. God’s Spirit shows in you – in your smile, and in your writings, Kailen. I know He’s with you. I had a devotional this morning that referenced Isaiah 58;8, and Rom 8:31… They inspired me for my day, but as I logged onto your blog, I thought maybe they’d be inspiration for you as well. I know – no matter what – He’s always there.. always with those that put their trust in Him. Always. Never doubt. He was with Job in his suffering.. Joseph in the pit & the prison… Moses in the desert… and look at how He restored them after they were tested – and strengthened! I’m not a ‘preacher’.. actually pretty far from it.. just walked through some valleys – of course nothing like yours.. But He was always there with me.. (and even at times when I wondered if He was). You inspire me & my family, Kailen. We pray every day for God to restore & strengthen you. Our love and prayers are with you & your family today & everyday. Hang in there & have a great day!!!

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