Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas reading this! I truly hope you are having a blessed day so far and that you are feeling the love of your families!

I don’t know what kind of mother you had, are, or hope to be, but I do know that I love MY mama and that she has been one of the most important people in my life. She taught me to be the woman I am today and instilled in me truths and values that I am so thankful for. I thank God for her every day and If any of you know Kim Combs, you know what an incredible woman she is. She is a friend, mentor, and giver of love to many, and I have had the privilege of growing up with all of that and more.

I also want to say Happy Mother’s Day to my mother-in-law, Lesa! She wasn’t a direct part of my life growing up but I still want to thank her for every moment that she purposed and chose to be the mother that God called her to be for all of those years. Every day that she fulfilled her role as a mother to her son, she was shaping my husband into the man he is today. (And giving me the best sisters-in-law!) Because she loved Bryan, she taught him to love and gave me the best husband a mom could give. I love you, Lesa!

Thank you also to my grandmothers. I have been blessed with such an incredible legacy of godly women, and without Mae and Carolyn, my family would not be nearly as enriched! Thank you for being faithful mothers who will continue to bless your families for generations to come!

This is a poem I wrote for my mom this year. I don’t have the words to ever fully express my love and thankfulness for her but this is my shot at it. I love you, Mama! —

Mother’s Day 2013

Motherhood: the word with a million meanings.
Motherhood means you love your children.
It means you nurture them.
It means you teach them.
You entertain them.
You protect them. You guide them.
And you laugh with them.
Motherhood has a million meanings.

Motherhood: the word with a million jobs.
Motherhood means you are a carrier.
It means you are a snugger.
It means you are a clother.
You are a cleaner.
You are a kisser.
A hugger.
A cooker.
A tradition maker.
And you are a listener.
Motherhood has a million jobs.

Motherhood: the word with a million blessings.
Motherhood means you get to be the first to love them.
It means you get to see yourself in your children.
It means you get to watch them grow.
You get to cheer them on.
You get to watch them succeed.
And you get to experience them giving back to you.
Motherhood has a million blessings.

But motherhood is also a word with a million unknowns.
It means you don’t know how your children will look.
It means you don’t know how they will work through things.
You don’t know what their passions will be.
You don’t know what job they’ll have or who they will marry.

And then motherhood means you accept the unknown unknowns.
The things no mother expects, wants, or knows how to prepare for.

But that is when a true mother fulfills her call to motherhood.

You see, my mom didn’t expect me to be loud- but she helped me learn to communicate.
She didn’t know I would love to create- but she helped me learn to sing and make art.
She didn’t know I would love school- but she taught me to read, write, and, most importantly, to use correct grammar.
She didn’t know I’d get married at 20 before I had a job and money- but she helped me have the most beautiful wedding.
My mom didn’t know I would get diagnosed with cancer- but she stepped up.

My mom never left my side.
My mom spoke truth to me.
She hugged me.
She helped me to laugh.
And she prayed for me every day.

My mom never gave up.

Motherhood means many things but the best moms are the ones who walk through anything; whether it’s on the job description or not.

They care.
They teach all they know.
They hug you for too long.
And they love with all they have.

And I have the best mom in the world.


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