Better Days

Good morning folks! I just wanted to give a quick update as to where I am and what’s coming up next in my health journey.

As of now, I am still returning to Mayo next week to hopefully, FINALLY get this dang drain out. I should have just a three day trip again, same as the last two trips. Short n’ sweet is just what we want!

The day before we head out to Mayo, I will be seeing my oncologist for my monthly visit and to talk about how I’m doing with the ongoing hormone therapy. Everything should be right on track but it is time for me to have some repeat scans to see how I’m doing having been off chemo for a while.

On that note, I saw my hairdresser yesterday for the first time since starting chemo! I just needed a bit of a trim but she gave me the all clear to grow my hair! I can finally stop buzzing it and just let it grow. Praise God! I still have a very short buzz right now but soon, and very soon, I will be back in the land of the hairy. Haha. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to be headed to normal again. Plus my eyebrows and eyelashes are almost all back too. Better days are here and here to stay!


4 thoughts on “Better Days

  1. This is some awesome news!!! I live in Middlesboro and have been following your story for a while and wearing the KCT shirts all around town and you truly are an insiration and I have had people come up to me bc I just have to share your story with people and they have been so inspired from your blog! you are one amazing women!!! stay strong! ~amanda

  2. – I am SO SO happy for you, beautiful! May the Lord continue to restore health and wholeness to your body in Jesus mighty name! And let him restore your love for life and your JOY in greater fullness!! I love you 🙂

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