One Step Forward &…

Good afternoon! I am in the middle of my day of appointments here at Mayo but I want to go ahead and update you all on my appointment yesterday and my day so far today.

I saw my oncologist yesterday and got some great news! He said that all of my blood work is wonderful, iron levels are great, tumor markers are small and still shrinking, and that the tumor itself feels smaller than ever!! Praise God. So I am still done with chemo, I don’t have to change my treatment at all, and I will be scheduling several MRI’s and a PET scan soon to officially see how small the cancer has become. It was such a blessing to go back in to the doctor and get even better news than the previous visit. I wish every visit was like that!

Speaking of wishing every visit was like that… this morning’s examination of the drain did not go as well as I had hoped. Yup. The stupid drain is still stuck in my side! They said that the abscess cavity looks wonderful and there is no fluid left at all; however, there is still a connection between the cavity space and where they cut my colon off so they want to keep the drain in. Since there is still a connection, there is potential for infection and even for the abscess to form all over again. I still have to see my gastro later today to get a for sure, but unless he says something different, looks like I’ll probably have this thing for another two weeks or so. There is still a glimmer of hope that it could come out this trip though so by all means, keep praying for that!!

After I got the news that the drain wasn’t coming out, I will fully admit that I was extremely bummed. I have had this dang thing in my side for 2 months now and I am just sick of it. It’s bulky under clothes, it hurts, it’s frustrating, and I just don’t want it any more. A few weeks was fine but this is just torture. I was fully expecting for it to be gone this trip but I know in my heart that ‘better safe than sorry’ is always the best approach to stuff like this. And especially with my history in this saga! haha. I was definitely glad to hear that all of the fluid is gone though so I guess at least we’re moving in the right direction. Can’t ever complain about that!

Even though I was bummed about still having the drain, Dad and I decided we should still have fun while we’re here and enjoy ourselves. So we have! We had lunch at the City Cafe and I got the most delicious tuna salad sandwich on ciabatta bread. YUM. Two of my favorite things in one! Then after we ate, we walked around town for a bit and eventually ended up where?… You guessed it. I just started walking and soon found myself opening the door to the one and only, Barnes & Noble!!! This place is just phenomenal and was the surest way to a pick me up for me. Dad and I walked around for a while, browsed, and now are back in the hotel room chilling for a sec. (We also got Starbucks too, of course. It’s a blustery day and we had just been surrounded by books. Hello! Coffee was NOT an option! But who am I kidding, when is coffee ever a bad option? 🙂 )

So the rest of my day is seeing my gastro later this afternoon and finding out an official plan from here. I’ll let you know the details soon!! Keep praying that the drain can somehow come out this visit!


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