Take Another Step

Hello, hello! It is a crisp, clear, and beautiful morning here in Rochester and I have new news for y’all.

I met with my gastro yesterday afternoon and he put together a new piece of the plan to help me finally get to the end of this seemingly never-ending saga. I am going in for a procedure today, between 12:30-2:00, that is supposed to close, for good, the hole that isn’t healing in the part where they snipped off my colon. If that hole will just heal and close then I can be done with this part of my health journey! The procedure is minor and completely outpatient so there won’t be any sort of recovery time to deal with. It is not high risk either and my gastro is fairly confident that this will be the last procedure to finish this part off.

So while this procedure is decently good news, there is also some news that stinks. As you know, the drain did not come out yesterday and now it seems I am to be stuck with it for at least another two weeks… yeah, not the news I was hoping for but I have to be at peace with the ‘better safe than sorry’ approach. I completely understand their thinking, and the last thing I would want is for them to remove the drain and for another abscess to form, but the drain just is old and naturally I’m ready for it to be gone.

To sums things up, my gastro explained to us that my slow-going progress is pretty typical for someone in my situation, and that treating an abscess post surgery is more often than not, a ‘two steps forward, one step back’ kind of deal. So basically, it’s just a frustrating process for all parties :). I still know that I am going to be healed and that every step forward is one more piece of the puzzle solved. So all we can do is to keep taking one more step, remember that God is the great physician, and that He will be there to provide and sustain us no matter how many ‘steps back’ are thrown our way.


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