Quick & Painless

Heyo everyone, I am sorry I didn’t get a chance to post anything yesterday after the procedure but I was quite successfully drugged up on Benadryl and actually don’t really remember most of last evening anyway :). But, obviously, the procedure was quick and painless and I am feeling fine!

The procedure wasn’t scheduled until 2:00 yesterday but we got there at 12:30 because my nurse said we could maybe get in early. So we show up early and they actually called me back at 1:00! Dad and I were thrilled at the thought of being done early: however, as it always seems to work in the land of hospitals, someone had an emergency procedure and I got stuck in the holding room for around 2 hours before they were finally ready for me.

Being stuck isn’t so bad though because it gives me time to rest and pray and think about whatever I want. Plus, if you stay in a holding room long enough, you most always come away with a good story… this time was no exception! So at one point I was laying in my bed and waiting for the nurse to come in to start an IV in my port. While I was waiting, an Asian woman and her daughter came in and were placed in the “room” next to me (each room is just divided by a curtain), and then a translator came in to help the woman communicate with her nurses. (I don’t know about you but I always like listening to people speak in different languages! It’s just a small reminder of how small I am, how big God is, and how much more there is in the world beyond my own world!) Anyway, the three ladies kept chattering away for a bit and I just laid there listening to them, the surprisingly eclectic mix of music on the intercom, and trying to make up what they were talking about. (Which I’m not very good at btw.) Finally the IV nurse came in and started prepping me for my IV and just as she’s about to stick me I hear a song come on over the intercom singing, “I’ll make love to you, like you want me to…” Pause here. At that very moment I stopped and thought about exactly what was going on in my life and I just couldn’t help but start to giggle! There I was, laying in a hospital bed, listening to 3 Asian ladies talking, getting ready to be stuck in the collar by a needle, and all the while hearing “I’ll make love to you, like you want me to…” …oh what a life I lead!

Just like every other time I’ve been here, Dad and I have made much out of the mediocre and we’ve had a great time. We played a few rounds of pool last night which I haven’t done with him in years! And just in case you’re wondering, we tied 1:1. haha.

All jokes aside though, the procedure went as well as it could have and they said everything looks good. I didn’t have any side effects, other than passing out due to Benadryl, which always happens to me, and I am still feeling good today! The weather has held up and Dad and I have been able to walk around a lot and enjoy Rochester. How amazing that a few weeks ago I would have cringed at the thought of walking all over town without knowing where every bathroom was?! God had done so much and I never, ever want to turn back. I will be coming back here though in two weeks to once again see how the drain and all is doing and maybe get it out then. I’ve been praying that every two weeks are the last two weeks and just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean I’m going to stop believing! I am claiming these next two weeks are it and the next trip home will be DRAIN FREE!! Please pray with me that it will be so. Operation “Lose the dang drain” is still in progress y’all :).

Our cab is almost here to take us to the airport but later I’ll tell you a cool story about the girl who did my nails today. Very cool God moment. (and no, Dad didn’t get his nails done too. He was just a wonderful father and took me to get mine done. First time my nails have been strong enough to be painted after chemo! Life is great and God is good.)

Pray safe travels for us, Kentucky here we come!


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