Better Days Have Come At Last

Good afternoon! It is another BEAUTIFUL day here in Lexington and, for the second day in a row, I am spending it poolside! Our apartment has a wonderful, quiet, and relaxing pool area and today I’m even getting to enjoy the view all by myself! All winter long I would let my mind wander to these days and held on knowing better days were coming. And now… THEY’RE HERE!! The sun is shining, I have no doctors all week, Bryan is done with his internship this week, and I am praying with all that I am that this is the very last week I’ll ever have with this dang drain!! But either way, I am happy with life, more in love with my husband than ever, still supported by the best family you could ask for, and blessed with the best friends. It’s so nice to be in a season now where the things I am thankful for are infinitely more abundant than the lies of frustration that satan tried to make me focus on. Praise God for better days!

So the plan for my next trip is going to Mayo for my appointments starting next Wednesday, June 5th. I will be getting the drain looked at once again, meeting with my gastro, and now also getting some MRIs and a PET scan done. My oncologist wants to check and see just how much all the cancer has shrunk and to have tests to back up my diagnosis of remission. So we figured we’d just get all of my tests done at Mayo and be done in one fell swoop! I don’t have the dates and times for all of my scans yet but Bryan and I will probably be there for a few days to get it all done. But I don’t mind at all. I’ll do scans all day long when they’re all declaring remission! Thank you, Lord for your faithfulness!

All righty, I’m gonna get back to my pool time here and enjoy the stillness of the day. I am so joyful today and loving every part of my life! I got to spend time with family over the weekend at my cousins wedding (which was beautiful btw. You couldn’t have picked a better day for a May wedding!), I have been home with Bryan and relaxing, I walked/jogged a mile and a half last night, and this is my third time at the pool in two days! Plus, being at the pool with buzzed hair is SO much easier than having a big bun on top of my head. Boys just have it so easy :). I pray you all are having a lovely day as well and can thank the Lord for the blessings in your life as well. Life is too short to focus all your time on why things happen so just let go of your questions, trust that God has you, and live in the joy and peace that only He can give.


One thought on “Better Days Have Come At Last

  1. enjoy your pool time enjoy life and enjoy everyone close to you glad u are doing so much better keep it up girl

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