Keep Your Own Problems

This morning was my PET scan and it went incredibly smoothly. We made it to the desk to check in and only had to wait for a few minutes before they called me back! The nurse who got me all prepped for the scan was so nice and very easy to talk to, which is always very pleasant to experience. Sometimes you get the nurse who asks awkward questions or who just doesn’t speak at all, but this guy was awesome.

He started by asking me the typical and obvious questions like where I’m from, how long do I have to be here, and what kind of cancer was it. I answered the questions and began to tell him some of my story. He listened quietly and when I finished he looked at me with a knowing in his eyes and said, “Well we all have our stuff don’t we.” He then went on to tell me that he has MS and talked about some of the challenges he has faced too.

Have you ever heard the saying, “If we all stood in a circle, threw our problems into a pile, and then had to choose from them, you’d probably grab yours back.”? Well, God has been working on me with this idea for a while and after hearing this guy talk about the struggles he has faced in his life, I was only believing it more and more!

Sometimes I look at other people, and especially people my age, and think, “Wow, they just have it so easy. They don’t have a worry in the world and the biggest conflict of their week is deciding what fun way to spend their weekend.” First of all, yes, that is judging and yes, I am a culprit. Hi my name is Kailen and sometimes I judge people. We ALL do! And through judging, satan lies to make us believe that the assumptions and judgements we pass on other people and what they’re going through is actually reality. What a dangerous game to play! It is so easy to look around at people and say that they have it easy and you wish you had their problems, but the truth is, even if you had their same, exact, “simple” problems you may feel even worse with them than you do now with your own issues.

Even if according to all logic someone else’s life seems “easier” than your own, if you were to experience their exact problems things still wouldn’t be what you wanted. Why? Because it wouldn’t be what God designed you for when He thought of you at the the beginning of time! I know it sounds obvious but God made you to go through YOUR life, not someone else’s. That’s why you are who you are, that’s why you think the way you do, that’s why you process the way you process, and that’s why you can handle what you can handle. Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “I just don’t know how they are doing it. I could never go through that and make it.” You know why? Because you weren’t created for their life, you were created for yours! You weren’t created to face their type of battles; you were created to face your own. Or maybe you actually will end up fighting a battle similar to someone else’s, but even if you thought it insurmountable at one point, if you are facing a battle in God’s time then you can ALWAYS handle it. And since God’s timing is always perfect… hello, you can ALWAYS handle it! He will never give you more than you can bear.

So yes, some days my problems, my struggles, and my mountains can seem insurmountable, but with the grace of God, the unexplainable joy He brings, His unending strength, and the knowledge that this life is but for a season, I can do all things through Christ. And even when I wish I had an “easier” life it sometimes seems others may have, this life is the one my Father created me for and He wants the best for me. If I truly believe that, then you know what, I don’t want anyone else’s problems. I’ll keep my own, thank you. And really, with God on my side the problems aren’t really problems anyway. They are just a twist in the road. Anything I face is a part of His plan; His plan is best; He has prepared every single part of me specifically for the road I am on; and, the best part of all, the battle is already won!

Hallelujah and amen.

Tomorrow I go in to have the drain looked at at the lovely hour of 6:45 a.m. central time. I’ll keep you posted. PRAY NO MORE DRAIN!! In the name of Jesus, this thing comes out tomorrow. (Also we won’t get the results from the PET scan until my doctor at home receives them and can read them. I’ll let ya know when we know!)


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