Procedure Plan

Good morning!! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to update on here yesterday but if you follow me on Twitter then you know that I still have the dang drain. Good news though, I will be getting rid of the drain tomorrow!!!! However, there is still a catch.

The hole that was in the end of where they snipped off my colon is still not healed. The clips that they placed last visit are doing their job but the tissue around it is still not sealing itself closed. So, in light of that fact, my doctor gave us the option of removing the external drain that is trying to help keep fluid levels down and suction the hole closed, and I can get a new drain placed internally to do the same thing. We felt like it was worth a shot so I am going in tomorrow for a procedure that will free me from the drain in my side and add a new, small one on the inside.

So I laughed a lot yesterday thinking, “Perhaps I need to start praying a bit more specifically!” I prayed that the drain would come out and it is; however, I am also getting a new drain. haha. From now on, I am going to pray for no more drains after this one and for full healing.

How interesting is it though that I am at one of the best facilities in the world, with some of the best doctors in the world, with the newest/best procedures in the world, and even with all of that, they still can never make my body heal. It’s a perfect example of how human we are and no matter how much we can ever accomplish in this world, we will always have to rely on the God who gave us the ability to accomplish anything in the first place. It’s that thought that makes it easier for me to hear bad news from the doctors. They can tell me their professional opinions all day long but, in the end, I am ultimately going to trust the One who merely has to speak and the healing is done. I love my doctors but I am so grateful to know that the Great Physician is my Father who loves me.

So today, Bryan and I get to explore the city all day long and I’m really excited because today is Thursday and that means “Thursday On 1st!!” It’s a day where all the food trucks in the city come to the square and you get to taste all kinds of fun foods. If you know me, you know I LOVE food and cooking so it’s gonna be a good day for moi!

I go in for my procedure tomorrow at 12:15 central time but we’ll keep you informed if anything changes. Thank you for your prayers!


One thought on “Procedure Plan

  1. I am so amazed at your faith and insight. I feel like I am reading a Beth Moore Bible study because it offers so much spiritual insight and inspiration. We love you and are continually praying for you and Bryan! Aunt Debbie

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