Thursday On First

Wow, wow, WOW! Today turned out to be a much more exciting day than I thought it would be. To start off, Bryan and I went back to Pannekoeken for our second day of breakfast and it is yummy. If you don’t know, a pannekoeken is a type of fluffy, oven-baked, Dutch pancake that can be stuffed or topped with just about anything; and we are hooked! Yesterday I got a traditional pannekoeken and topped it with syrup and powdered sugar. Delicious. Bryan got a banana rum sauce pannekoeken… Crazy good but also crazy sweet! So of course, B was in heaven. Today I took it up a notch and enjoyed a bacon pannekoeken. Holy canoli, now that hit the spot. Bacon, pancake, and syrup but in a whole new way. What could be wrong with that?! And I stole a few strawberries from Bryan’s strawberry pannekoken and that made it even better. Plus, every time a waitress brings a pannekoeken out from the kitchen, she has to run and yell, “Panekoooooken, paaaaaaaanekooooken.” It’s kind of embarrassing but you’re mostly embarrassed for them more than you are for yourself. Especially when the waitress barely yells, trying to get it over with as quickly as possible. Haha. Not sure why they would take that job if they were uncomfortable with that part. But, the super enthusiastic ladies were hilarious and made it a fun environment. (Also, the inside of the restaurant is all green and pale orange colored so it feels like you’re inside of a cantaloupe. How can anyone not be happy inside a melon?!) It was quite the breakfast experience and just the fuel we needed before hitting up First Street.

The past few times we have been to Rochester, we kept hearing about this event called “Thursday On First,” but the only info we could get was that it was a bunch of food trucks and local restaurants who set up on First Street. I was excited enough just for that, but when we arrived today, it turned out to be SO much more. When we saw the road blocks blocking off First Street, we knew the event was going to be bigger than just a few food trucks, and when we rounded the corner we could not have been more right.

The whole street was flooded with people, music blasting, and it was filled with booth after booth of local foods, crafts, andbmuch more! There was Pescara (our favorite seafood dinner spot), a candied nut booth, homemade candles, copper bending art, wire jewelry holders, Newt’s (awesome burger joint), spoon rings, glass jewelry, driftwood art, henna tattoos, a guy weaving blankets, pottery, and on and on! Ok, now that I wrote that, I suppose it sounds like any normal fair, and maybe it was, but because we were only expecting food trucks it turned out to be really awesome!

We walked around and around and looked at everything twice over. And it was really neat because everyone who worked at Mayo or Rochester Methodist all came out during their lunch break too to enjoy the day. We saw countless men in business suits but with tennis shoes on, who obviously knew the Thursday routine, and tons of nurses in scrubs grabbing a burger from Newt’s. And because Mayo is known worldwide and their are tons of patients from other countries, it was really entertaining to see those patients walk around in wonder looking at, what I assume was, their first local fair experience in America.

Bryan and I just had a blast and were so thankful that God took the “bad” of having to stay here longer for more procedures, and turned it into a wonderful “good” and something we will always remember. These hospital visits are never where I would choose to be, but I’ve found that being where you want to be is not what God is most concerned about in this life. He wants us to live in what He has for us and thrive on the journey He has in mind. Like my mom always says, “You can only be where you are.” So why spend time wanting for something else when there are plenty of blessings right now? I for one am tired of dwelling on what might have been and want to honor God by making the most of where I am now. To Him be all glory and honor forever.

P.S. (Bryan and I also drank our first cups of black coffee together this morning that we actually enjoyed! It’s been a goal of ours for quite some time. Thank you, thank you. No applause necessary… 🙂 )


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