PET Scan Results

They are finally in! My doctor got in touch with me this week to give me the results from the PET scan that I did while at Mayo this last trip and the previous prognosis still stands… I am STILL in remission! Thank you, Lord.

As before, you could still see the places where the cancer had been but there were no signs of growth in any area and most areas even looked better than my last scan. Praise God! Now I’m just believing that I will continue having scans and the cancer spots will continue getting smaller and smaller until there is nothing left! Medically speaking, the spots will never go away but they can stay in remission for forever. I, however, am choosing to pray for FULL restoration of any area that was touched by cancer so that not even a shred of evidence will be left of satan’s foiled plan. This time, we have victory in the battle AND the war.

In the meantime, I am thankful for continued healing and looking forward to only good reports from here on out! The new drain seems to be working perfectly and I am LOVING life with no tubes sticking out of my sides. Hallelujah. And the best part is, is that as of now, I don’t have to go back to Mayo in 2 weeks like I have been! My doctor said it is ok if I get scanned at home next week to check on the drain instead of having to make the trek up to Minnesota. Yay! How good not to be living in two week intervals for a change.

Thank you, Lord for your provision in every way. God is good.


5 thoughts on “PET Scan Results

  1. THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT!!!!!! YAY, JESUS!!! THANK YOU, LORD!!! That is awesome news and we will continue to keep praying for TOTAL healing in your body. NO MORE cancer. It’s gone…in JESUS name!!! Amen!

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