Freaky Friday

Goooood morniiiiiiiing! It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Lexington and I am so thankful for a peaceful morning. I have so much to report though and not a lot of time so listen up!

Firstly, I’ll report the big news. I haven’t been on to blog lately because I have been home with my family and experiencing some crazy stuff. I don’t have time to lay out the whole story, but the gist is that my mom was just discharged from the hospital this past Tuesday after being diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder that is a sister disorder to the blood clotting disorder I was diagnosed with a few years ago. After having a brain MRI, MRA, and Carotid Doppler, she was also told she has had two strokes that she never knew happened. One occurred was called old (meaning it had occurred at least 6 months ago) and one was called new (meaning it had occurred in the past 1-2 months. Yeah… talk about a smack in the face! She was admitted last Friday night and stayed till Tuesday but when I walked into the ER room and saw her in the hospital bed… seriously a freaky Friday moment! I have been in the hospital countless times with my mom but seeing her in the bed was such an odd and hard swap to make.

When I saw her, I don’t think I fully allowed myself to let the reality of the situation sink in; either that or I have just been super desensitized to serious things happening to people’s bodies. It’s probably actually a little bit of both, but at first I definitely didn’t grasp that this was a big deal. Bad things just happen to bodies sometimes so why was this new news right? But as the days went on and mom was still there in that hospital bed, it slowly sank in that this is my mom. This is my mom and she is in the hospital. She’s not in the hospital with me, I’m in the hospital with her. She had just been diagnosed with several things that would alter her life forever. She was going to have to get used to a new normal. She was going to have to take new medicine. She was going to have new doctors to go to. It wasn’t me, it was her. MY mom. My mom and I didn’t like it one bit.

She is home now and doing good but wow, what a crazy few days we had. It was all stuff I had walked through before as a patient but being on the other side of the bed literally gave me a new perspective on all I have been through. I am now even more thankful for my mom and dad and Bryan and any other family and friends who have walked with me through everything. For staying with me at the hospital night after night, doing whatever I needed help with, and never once complaining about the interruption in their day-to-day lives. They have all said it to me many times, but it really is so hard watching someone you love go through something hard that you can’t do for them.

I am just so thankful that mom is home and ok and nothing was any worse than it could have been. God is good and has so protected my family! I am thankful to have Him to walk with us through hard things and to know He can watch AND help in a way that no one else can. Life is just a fragile thing, much more so than we would like to think, and this was all just another reminder that you can’t live your life without remembering that you don’t have forever with family and friends in this world. Cliches about living your life to the fullest and appreciating each moment are cliches for a reason!

I would like to ask you all to pray for my mom now as well as she is getting used to having to live a little differently than normal and that God would protect her from any further complications. She has been SO strong through it all but it’s still an adjustment no one wants to have to go through.

While I was a the hospital with mom I went downstairs and had a CT done to check on the internal drain and so far so good! The doctor there read the scan and said there is no abscess so we have now sent the image to Mayo to let my doctor up there give us some more specifics on what things looks like. But is looks like it’s working so far and things are headed in the right direction! I’ll let you know when we hear more about what the next step is for me.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and will continue to live appreciating everything God has blessed you with. I am excited to begin the next few days of wedding prep for two dear friends who are getting married this weekend!! Friends are in town to celebrate, love is in the air, family is all healthy and doing well, and God is still good. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness!


One thought on “Freaky Friday

  1. WOW! GOOD news for YOU. BAD news for your mom. Amazing. Thank You for sharing about your mom – – I will keep her in my prayers and we will trust the Lord for BOTH of YOU!!! I know God is going to bring you both through this and you will be stronger when you are through it. Keep us posted so we know how to pray! GOD BLESS you. Please let your mom know we are praying for her too.

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