Health Now, Healing to Come

Hello all! Summer is in full swing and life is good for the Taylor’s! Not too much has happened since my last post but I felt an update was in order so here ya go:

I saw my oncologist last week and had some blood work done. All of the initial tests looked great and my iron was even all the way up to 12.8!! That’s the highest I have ever known it to be for me and I am certainly feeling all the energy along with it. It is SO nice to feel this alive after going through chemo, but even more after having gone through chemo with a colon as sick as mine was. To say I’ve done a complete turn around does not even come close to conveying how much better I feel. I’m not on the ground to even be turning around any more! I am flying compared to how I was living before! And I am so thankful to be where I am. God has been faithful.

So like I said, all of my initial blood work last week came back fantastic, but a few days later my nurse called to give me the numbers on the tests that take a while before they come back. She told me that my tumor markers have more than doubled from last month. Of course, this is not a good thing but it may not be a huge deal either. Tumor markers are just one of the things the doctors look at to see how you’re progressing and my PET scan a month ago looked great. But tumor markers rising is still something to be mindful of so I will be having some MRIs in a couple weeks to check everything for sure.

I’m not feeling any symptoms to be concerned about at this point but I am watching closely for anything out of the ordinary. Mostly though, Bryan and I are just praying and believing that God is going to touch me and make the tumor markers zero on my next check! He has given us much peace about this and we just know the next visit will show only good things. In the meantime, we are praying against any and all cancer, against any metastases, against any cells that are foreign to my body, and refusing to allow any plans of sickness that the enemy may be bringing against us to take hold. We know we are children of God, we have an army of believers standing with us, God’s word says we are above only and not beneath, and God’s word is greater than ANY cancer. Please pray with us as we wait for good news!

As you may remember, I had a CT a while ago to check on my drain but I have not yet heard back from Mayo about it. My mom is also in between bad news and good news, but she is on blood thinners now and on her way to being therapeutic. I am feeling great too and symptom free, so praise God for our health now and for our healing to come!

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer so far and enjoying warm nights outside with family and friends. That’s the best way to spend a summer in my opinion! 🙂 Please keep us in your prayers and hopefully I’ll have good news soon.


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