Limbo Strikes Again.

Lots of news today folks! We had an eventful end of the week last week with doctors so I’m going to relay as much of the information to y’all as possible.

Last I told you all I was headed to Louisville last Thursday for some MRI’s to check on my body after the tumor markers had gone up at my last visit. So Bryan and I drove up and when we got there, turns out I had actually been scheduled for another PET scan instead. The main difference in PET scans and MRI’s is that PET’s show location and level of cancerous activity and MRI’s show more detail of where the cancer is and what it looks like. Since we already knew there was some cancerous activity going on, we needed to see the level of activity thus, I had a PET scan. (Which was fine by me because PET’s are shorter, more comfortable, and oh yeah, there’s no deafening clanking/chirping/beeping the whole time!)

So PET scan was Thursday and then I saw my oncologist on Friday to get results. Can you guess what kind of news we got??… If your guess falls within the category of ‘good; not great’ then you would be correct! How’d ya know? 🙂 Seems like every bit of good news we get is tainted with a little bit of bad, but hey, I’m just happy it’s not the other way around any more! The good news is that even though the tumor markers had gone up in my last visit, I do not have any new metastases! The cancer is still only in my left breast and is still under control. Praise God. But, the first part of the bad news is that the activity level is up a little. Not cool.

So what does this mean? Well first is that I definitely need to have surgery to remove the primary site, my left breast, and while we’re at it we’re going to go ahead and take the other one. Why not? We have decided to do the surgery at Mayo so as to avoid any complications but we don’t have any other information than that. We sent my PET scan to my oncologist up there and she is going to look at it, along with a breast surgeon. We should hear back from them this week and hopefully nail down a time for a pre-surgical consult and some sort of plan for what surgery will look like.

The second part of bad news is that the tumor markers have gone up even more since my last visit and that there is an underlying culprit for why that is happening. The cancer is estrogen fed, my estrogen levels are up, and where does most estrogen come from in females? The ovaries. So the next step in my health journey seems to be pointing towards having my ovaries removed. For obvious reasons, that would pretty much stink. Ovaries are somewhat of an anatomical necessity for having kids so without them, my medical given odds of ever conceiving would become obsolete. Now I can’t go into too much detail on this part of the news because we are still processing and deciding what to do, but mostly, I don’t want to let you all read me crying 🙂 Of everything we have faced so far, this is proving to be the most difficult to think through, but whatever we decide, we know God will give us the peace and faith to come out on the other side still trusting in Him.

Ok, so I’ve covered PET scan results, where that leads us from here, and that is all I’ve got for today. Some how my emotions are eerily similar to how I felt as soon as we decided to go with colon removal. Unfortunately, limbo has struck again! I know what surgery is coming and I know where the surgery is going to take place. What I don’t know is what the surgery will look like exactly or when it will take place. And all the while I have to wait knowing that something bad is in my body and it has the worst of intentions. I keep looking at my breast as if it’s a giant bug and I have this overwhelming feeling of “get it off, get it off, get it off!” But, soon enough.

Now, while we wait, I have an overwhelming conviction to just pray unceasingly over my body. God instructs us to pray without ceasing all the time but right now I have a major burden to pray for myself. Ha! I know that sounds a tad selfish but what I’m saying is that the days of just resting in the fact that God knows my obvious need for healing are over. It is time to really dig in and fight! God DOES know what I need but the enemy also knows and he is trying his best to delay my healing and bury it under fear. Ain’t gonna happen! The most frequent command in the Bible is “do NOT fear,” and so I refuse to let fear take over in my life. Have I been touched by cancer? Yes. Is it going to define the rest of my life and cause me to live with caution? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I know my God heals and I know He can heal me, so I will take another step, go through another surgery, and live to tell miraculous stories of the power of the almighty Father! Amen.

Please pray as well when you think of me. I thank you in advance for so willingly battling with me and being encouraging to me! God is good. #TeamKCT

“No matter where I stand, healing is in Your hands.”


6 thoughts on “Limbo Strikes Again.

  1. Kailen,
    I’ve been following your journey since your Aunt Julie & Uncle Jay told us about it. You might be interested to know that there is a lot of information available on the web about foods and things in our environment (like cosmetics, shampoos, plastics, chemicals, etc.) that may possibly increase levels of estrogen in our bodies. I became very aware of all this when I was diagnosed with ER+ breast cancer over 8 years ago. And as you already know, God will never leave you or forsake you. He walks right with us and sometimes even carries us. God bless you as you face the future and make some difficult decisions. You are an inspiration.

  2. Kailen, I read your blogs religiously and want you to know that I pray for you each day.  You are an amazing young lady and I’m so heartbroken that your cancer is rearing its ugly head again.  I am uplifted by your positive spirit!  I’m so glad that you have God on your side!  I continue to pray for healing and strength. 

    My email address has changed.  Could you please change it so I can continue to be updated?  Thank you, Sweet Girl.  My new address is .

    Praying and praying,  Mrs. Hampton

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