Off, Off, Off Again!

Gooooooood morning #TeamKCT!! It is a lovely Monday morning and today is particularly great because we fly out for Mayo this afternoon to FINALLY talk surgery! My mom and dad and I will be flying for this first part while Bryan stays home and continues with class, so it looks like the three amigos ride again!

Please be praying for safe travels, as always, but also pray for us to have a productive visit. We want to nail down a date for surgery, get all the specifics, and get going ASAP. The sooner I have surgery, the sooner I can live without this lump that just never quite seems to want to shut up. It has been very rude since it came to visit and one time it even tried to hurt me. I know, rude, rude, rude. But no matter, we will just remove it gently and make for sure it knows it is no longer welcome here 🙂

We fly out around 1:00 today and have some pretty short flights. As usual, I’ll keep y’all updated as best as I can! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

(I also have some amazing photos and stories to tell so as soon as I can, I’ll get to bloggin!)


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