Circumstances Change ALL the Time.

Two things held true today: 1. My devotion hit it right on the head. And 2. As in true Mayo fashion, what was scheduled as a simple morning with two office visits turned into a long day with several office visits.

Ok, I’m just gonna be honest real quick and let ya know, it’s getting later and I’m exhausted so I will give you all the headlines and give a more thorough explanation tomorrow.

We went in to today expecting to get a plan for surgery for a double mastectomy with reconstruction sometime in the near future. Well… we got 1 out of 3. Turns out I will be having a left sided mastectomy without reconstruction on Friday of this week. Not what I was wanting in an ideal world but like the devotion said, “Circumstances change all the time.” And all I can do is put my hope in the Lord because He is constant. So here’s the run down:

1. SInce the cancer takes up a good portion of my breast, they are going to have to take so much tissue out that reconstruction will not be an option right away. Normally they would put in a tissue expander that would stretch the skin thats left to help create the new breast but I won’t have enough skin left for that.

2. Having a tissue expander would impair the efficacy of radiation to my chest wall after they remove the lump. The radiation will ensure they zap any cancer cells left over and that’s a lot easier to do with no tissue expander in.

3. Because I am on blood thinners, that makes reconstruction a lot more complicated. My risk for bleeding, infection, and hematoma is a lot higher than what they are comfortable with so they don’t want to do it.

4. So… the plan for now is that I will be having surgery THIS Friday!!!!! Yeah. That’s quick, but man am I happy to not have to wait! So Friday I will have a mastectomy of the left breast with no reconstruction. I should be able to be back to normal activity in just 2 weeks and then I will begin 5-6 weeks of radiation. But I can do that at home. Surgery will be some time on Friday, we don’t know when yet, I’ll be in the hospital for 2 days, then wait over Labor Day to heal some, then I’ll see my surgeon to get the all clear to leave on Tuesday, and hopefully we can fly back next Wednesday.

5. The plan for surgery is pretty solid but the plan for reconstruction is not. But I will see a plastic surgeon later after radiation to talk about reconstruction. Ideally, at that point, I will have another surgery to remove the right breast and do a normal reconstruction, and at the same time do a flap reconstruction on the left breast. And all that means is that they will use muscle from somewhere else in my body to form a new breast.

Ok, I think that is all but if I forgot anything I’ll add it tomorrow. I have one appointment tomorrow for some blood work but other than that, I am free till Friday. So till then mom and dad and I will just be hanging out and exploring Rochester once again. Bryan will be here Thursday evening so he can be here for the surgery, but for now, I am ready to relax and have a good time before surgery!

Thank you for praying. Everything went very well today, even if it wasn’t quite what we had expected. But hey, circumstances change all the time.


3 thoughts on “Circumstances Change ALL the Time.

  1. You are amazing Kailen…..and I know the Lord is continuing to surround you with His grace, comfort, love, mercy and courage to walk this path. I sure do love your whole family, and am so glad that through it all you are sticking together, growing stronger in the Lord, and in relationship with each other. I know you must get weary, but I truly sense the Lord’s strength being perfected in weakness! For when we are weak, then we are strong. Love to you all…:) Thanks for keeping us posted!!! Prayers continue~

  2. You are such a sweet girl and such an inspiration to all of us. God Bless You! I’ll be praying for your surgery on Friday.

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