Best Case Scenario!

Hi, this is Kailen. Not someone writing for me. Not someone giving you an update on my behalf. It’s me. Kailen Taylor. The one who just had surgery less than 24 hours ago. And I am already out of the hospital, back in our hotel room, eating whatever I want, allowed to shower, walking around, and feeling fantastic! Can you believe this?!? If you have been following my blog for any amount of time at all, you know good and well that, medically speaking, things do not usually take the quickest or most desirable route possible. This time, however; I am definitely in the category of “best case scenario” and I. Am. LOVING it! Definitely could get used to this.

As you have already gathered by now, surgery yesterday went extremely well. My surgeon said she is very confident that she got all of the cancer and that I should heal very quickly. She did also end up taking one lymph node because, after testing it during surgery, pathology said it contained some cancer so she took it away just to be safe. All of the rest of my lymph nodes were clear of any disease though. The tumor itself ended up being 10 cm in size but it was completely mobile (not fixed to any muscle) and was not even through to my skin yet. It was growing some though because it was only 5 cm right after I finished chemo in February, so this was perfect timing to get it gone!

So the doctors right now will not technically say that I am cancer free, but seeing as the only cancer in my body that showed up on any scans is now being ground up in a test tube somewhere, I’d say I’m pretty well rid of the stuff. And boy does it feel great! I am still taking some meds for pain of course but, compared to colon surgery and all the hell that followed it, this has been a breeze! I don’t have any swelling so far, I don’t have any significant bruising, and the scar is very clean and already looks great. I have to wear an ace wrap around my chest to keep the dressing tight and I can’t lift my arms very high but that’s about it for the down sides. Well, except for one more thing… the dang drain has returned!! No, unfortunately, I am not kidding. Did you just cringe a little bit? Because I definitely did when they told me I’d have one in again! I had the other drains for so stinkin long so that is the last word I wanted to hear. This one really isn’t that bad though. It’s in a much more comfortable spot and I shouldn’t have it for very long at all.

Now all I have to do is rest and wait till my follow up appointment with my surgeon before we can go home. Since Monday is Labor Day, I won’t be able to see her until Tuesday but as soon as she gives me the ok, I’ll be heading home probably Wednesday. The big things to be praying for before then are:

1. I have no major swelling, bruising, infection, or pain.

2. I am able to rest well and heal quickly.

3. And that I have less than 30 mL of fluid coming out of the drain for two days in a row before Tuesday. If that happens then I can get the drain taken out before I even go home! Wouldn’t that be something? If it doesn’t happen, not a huge deal, but the less time I have to have to drain the better.

Thank you all so much for praying for me and standing with me through this whole process. I am just blown away by how wonderful my surgeon was, how thoughtful she was, and how easy all of this has been. I know I probably have a little bit of a skewed view because of how hard other times have been, but I have really been so blessed this time! I could feel God’s peace covering me so heavily and knowing the cancer is gone for good now… I cannot even come close to describing the joy it brings to my heart, and the tears it brings to my eyes. The doctors may not say it but I can and I will… I AM CANCER FREE!!! In the name of Jesus, I am cancer free.


3 thoughts on “Best Case Scenario!

  1. I am so over joyed you are feeling so good. Your mom and dad has raised a very courageous woman. I bet they are on cloud nine. God is AMAZING!!!
    Your second cousin, Terry

  2. BLESSINGS Kailen!!!!!!! God is good! We Brady’s are so delighted you are feeling so wonderful & that you are kicking cancer’s butt!!! Alison & I send our love & prayers to you. Stay strong & may your Tuesday be filled with even better news that you’re going home!

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