One Less Breast is Best.

Good afternoon all! Bryan and Dad flew back home yesterday but Mom and I are still in Rochester. We already saw my surgeon this morning and… I have been given the all clear to head home! She said my incision is healing exceptionally well, there’s no major bruising, no noticeable swelling, and I am free to move as much as I feel comfortable with. I can’t lift anything over 10 lbs for the next few weeks but, lets be real, I don’t lift much over 10 lbs normally anyway. 🙂 I really do feel great though and only have a little bit of soreness to deal with. Praise God. But the biggest praise today is that I have had such a small enough amount of fluid accumulation that my surgeon took my drain out! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was not excited at all to have to take yet another drain home with me but things are going so well that it could come out today.

This visit has been such a wonderful experience and we have been blown away, once again, by the excellence that is Mayo Clinic. I am so thankful to all of my doctors up here and how they have helped me to take a traumatic experience and focus on all I have gained instead. As a woman, I obviously would have preferred to live a long and healthy life with both of my breasts; but, by going through with this surgery, I have gained a completely healthy body, and, most importantly, peace of mind. The “spider” and all its webs is now gone for good, and, as soon as I recover, I will be healthier than I have been since I was a kid! The joy that brings me is simply immeasurable.

Right now we are waiting to see another doctor about some blood work they did on me a few days ago. Since my mom was recently diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder, they wanted to recheck my blood to see where I am as well. And, especially since so many things have improved in me after colon surgery, they are interested to see if that has impacted my blood or not.

After this appointment, mom and I will be flying back to Kentucky and we will be home tonight! Can you believe that? I cant wait to be back in my own home and with my puppies! Plus, my brother has his first football game of the season this week, the beautiful Fall weather is here, and Bryan and I are going to get to experience an Autumn like we’ve never had together.

So, I may have one less breast, bu,t its all for the best. Did I mention I am cancer free? 🙂 Thank you, Jesus.


2 thoughts on “One Less Breast is Best.

  1. Thank You Jesus! I’m so happy for you Kailin. Thanks for the update. Have a safe trip home & enjoy our fall weather

    In his love,


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