Wide Awake.

All righty, so I am up and wide awake, and since I haven’t posted anything since I’ve been back in Lexington, I figured now is as good a time as any! As you could probably guess, I am doing quite good. There have been no major complications or side effects from surgery and, praise God, I did not form a 3 liter abscess this time!

So, as I mentioned, I am up and wide awake but this time, it is for much different reasons than usual. I’m not up because I have my feet propped up with swollen ankles. I’m not up because I am waiting to go to the bathroom one more time before falling asleep because I know I’ll only be sleeping an hour at a time. I’m not up because my stomach is in so much pain that it hurts to lay down. And, best of all, I’m not up because I can feel a cancerous tumor in my body and wondering if it’s spreading or growing in some way that we don’t know about. This time, I am up because I have the energy to do what I want all day long and not be exhausted. I am up because I can actually drink coffee and not worry about how bad it will hurt my stomach. šŸ™‚ I am up because I feel so good all the time and don’t want to miss a moment of my new, pain free life. And I am up because with the help of medicine and doctors and the power of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I have been healed! For the first time in over a decade, I have not a single health issue to worry about! Talk about a major jolt to my prayer life. I have been praying for my colon and for the cancer to be healed for so long now that it has been a bit of a weird feeling to pray and not have to mention the two of them. I almost get a feeling like I’m missing a part of my body. Oh wait… I am. šŸ™‚ (Sorry I just couldn’t resist.)

But seriously, I have been filled with so much joy these past few days that I have truly been walking around and smiling like an idiot all the time. By having the two surgeries that I have undergone in the past year, I have been given back my life. I don’t really know how to describe to you what that feels like if you have never felt your life directly threatened for years and years, but the thankfulness and joy in my heart are simply overflowing.

Now, to break my normal post-surgery routine even more… I have GOOD news to tell! And not just “Oh wow, good for her,” good news. I have jaw dropping, “No stinkin way,” miraculously good news to share! As I said last time I posted, we were waiting to meet with my hematologist at Mayo to talk about my results from the blood tests I did to check the status of the blood clotting disease I had previously been diagnosed with. So we met with my doctor and guess what?… I NO LONGER HAVE A SINGLE BLOOD CLOTTING DISEASE!!!!!! For real. I tested negative for absolutely every single test they did! They do say, however; that you can test positive some times and negative another time but I know, without a single doubt, that I have been completely healed of all the diseases I was once diagnosed with. In Jesus’ name, I am healed!

Doctors told me I would suffer from clotting complications for the rest of my life but I have not had one single issue since I had my colon removed. They said I would be on blood thinners for the rest of my life but they are now saying that once I no longer need hormone suppressants I may be able to stop taking blood thinners. They said that I had stage four breast cancer but as of this very moment, I do not have one single trace of cancer to be found in my body. Praise The Lord, for He is good!

“You hold my every moment.
You calm my raging seas.
You walk with me through fire,
And heal all my disease

I trust in You.
I trust in You.

I believe You’re my healer.
I believe You are all I need.
I believe Lord.

I believe You’re my portion.
I believe You’re more than enough for me.
Jesus You’re all I need.”

Hillsong – Healer

(I don’t have any doctors for a few weeks but just continue to pray for full recovery from the mastectomy and that I will continue to heal as exceptionally well as I have up until this point. Thank you all again and again for you prayers. They truly mean so much.)


5 thoughts on “Wide Awake.

  1. Great way to begin another day of Worship. Thank you! Thank you for eloquently allowing us to be part of, and share, your story along the way. You continue to transform lives as we felt your pain and cried with you and today we feel your Joy, and smile (yep, like an idiot) with you as we read along.
    Thankful to God! And Praying for you- every day.

  2. Wow! Powerfully written Kailen – like only you could do. We love you, are proud of you and have a great deal of respect for you- for your courage, your faith, and your unspeakable joy- so full of God’s glory! We wish you and Bryan everything good for today and for your future, and May the Lord continue to bring Glory to His name through the work He is doing in your lives and your testimony of it! Blessings, Lori

    Lori Yeoman Christian Academy Academic Support Ext 1714

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Oh Kailen!!!!! This is such a wonderful testimony!!!!!!!!!! I praise God with you and your whole family….I just LOVE you guys, and I’m so OVERJOYED and THANKFUL for this praise report!!!! I cannot imagine the joy unspeakable that you feel right now…..but it brings tears to my eyes for sure. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us.. You are truly a miracle girl, and your FAITH has made you whole……you have touched the hem of Jesus’ garment over and over again, and His healing virtue has done its work. Glory to Jesus!!!!!! Rest well my friend~ šŸ™‚

  4. And also, I know that the faith and prayers and steadfast love and support of your amazing family has been a treasure beyond compare……my love to you ALL!!!!!!
    What a witness you all are!

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