Busy Bee… Finally!

All right, so I have been so busy lately! Man oh man, it feels so good to have stuff going on every day but in light of the busyness, I definitely have some stuff to report.

I had my first consult here in Lexington with the doctor who will be doing my radiation and I absolutely loved them! I was interested to see how it was going to feel to be seeing a new doctor in Kentucky that I haven’t been to before, especially since all of my doctors in Louisville are practically like family. But since radiation will be 5 days a week for 6 weeks, it will obviously be so much easier to have that treatment here in Lexington than in Louisville. And wow did it work out! Once again, God has pulled through and provided me with such a wonderful team here, close to home, that I can completely trust and be comfortable with.

So here’s the gist of what will be happening for me with radiation:

-Radiation treatment will begin for me this coming Monday.
-I will have treatment Monday-Friday for 6 consecutive weeks as soon as I start.
-There shouldn’t be too many side effects other than fatigue after the first few weeks and a ‘sunburn’ on the sight they are radiating.
-I will be getting radiation on my left chest wall as well as the three places where the cancer had previously metastasized.
-We believe that the cancer is never going to come back ever again, however; receiving this treatment will bring the medical odds of it returning down from 55% all the way to 15%!!

I am so excited and ready to get going. The sooner I get done with radiation, the sooner I get to start reconstruction, and the sooner I will be done with every step of beating cancer forever. How good it feels to say that!

As I said in my earlier post, this is the same time last year that I began my battle against cancer, and seeing as it is now October, another important milestone in my journey has begun! As I am sure you all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so everywhere you look, there is all kinds of merchandise, ads, and events supporting breast cancer research. Just today, I actually had the privilege of speaking to a group at the UK College of Dentistry, where one of my dear friends is in school, and I got to share with them my story and the importance of breast cancer awareness. It was such a triumphant experience to yet again realize how far I have come since last year, and to not only be healthy enough to share my experiences with people, but to share that I am cancer free and almost done with my battle.

But last year, October was pretty much just agonizing. Everywhere I turned, every commercial, every radio station, every grocery store, gas station, bill board, and website had something ‘breast cancer’ front and center. It wasn’t enough that I had just been given some of the worst news you could imagine, but I also had to deal with constantly being reminded of my reality throughout the day. I had to look around at everyone who saw October as a month where you simply wear pink, drop a dollar in a jar, and go about your day as usual, and all I wanted to do was scream at them, “You have NO idea!!!!” If you would’ve asked me last year, I would have said that October will forever be a month when I will be irritated at the never ending reminders of what I went through. But this year, I look back at October and God has reminded me that October was just the beginning of a beautiful story that He was about to create. I realized that last October was actually a month when the UK College of Pharmacy came together and showed more support and love for Bryan and me than I would have ever dreamt them capable of. October was the month when a team from the UK College of Dentistry ran for me in a Susan G. Komen race. October was the month when several friends ran in a race for me. It was the month when I began receiving all kinds of cards, calls, and texts from family, friends, and people I had never even met before. So yes, October last year was a month when I began having constant reminders of the battle against breast cancer that was about to begin, but it was also a month with constant reminders of everyone who was walking beside me, praying for me, and battling with me. October was once a very hard month to get through, but one year later I can safely say, October is now a month I will cherish forever. It is simply a reminder of the awesome power of the Almighty God.

Thank you all again and again for all of your prayers! Please continue to pray for me as I begin radiation treatment and start back to school/work. Bryan and I are just in awe of the new life that Jesus has given us, and to quote a good friend of ours, “Jesus is pretty cool like that isn’t he?” He is indeed.


One thought on “Busy Bee… Finally!

  1. No words dear Kailen, just tears welling up in my eyes, from my heart! Praise our wonderful, glorious, sovereign and loving GOD! Jesus reigns! 🙂

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