And So It Begins!

Good evening! I don’t have much time for a long post because tonight is the night after block exams are done and I am very much enjoying my husband not being chained to his desk all evening! We are enjoying some time hanging out and watching the MLB playoffs! (go Sox! I know, they’re not playing tonight I am still cheering.)

Anyway, I had my first radiation treatment today and it went great! I walked in, swiped my card, got zapped, and was on my way. It only took about 15 minutes so I was pleased. Chemo usually took 15 minutes just to get checked in and while I love my nurse, chemo was no fun. Radiation, however; should be a breeze. There was no pain or any side effects at all so far so I am ready to proceed. I will have my appointments Monday-Friday for 6 weeks so only 29 more sessions to go!

I also start my first day of my externship tomorrow. Finally! I am a little nervous seeing as I haven’t been in class in a while but I’m sure it will all come back to me. I’m am most excited about having a normal work schedule! It’s going to feel so good to be busy with career stuff again.

Be praying for no side effects for me with radiation and an easy transistor back into work. My normal life truly begins tomorrow! Thank you, Lord. I’ll give a better update when I have time, but for now, have a wonderful evening and good night!


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