Homeward Bound.

Good Sabbath day to you! After a lovely weekend, I am home now and relaxing before beginning another week. Tomorrow begins week 5 out of 6 of radiation, AND I am beginning my second of two externships! I will be working at the Kentucky Clinic and rotating between a few different departments and I am so excited! This externship will allow me to see what department I like best and help me narrow down even more what kind of place I may want to actually start working in. I will complete this externship in just four weeks, the same time as Bryan gets done with school, and then we will both be off for Christmas, then I graduate, and then can find a real job!!!!! Can you tell I am excited?!?! It seems like it’ll never happen and yet it cannot come soon enough. Do people ever get out of school and make money? Cause after almost 20 years of being in school, it seems like that’s the end all be all!

I could go on and on about school and how ready I am for it to be over, but I’ll stop that rant before I even start. Instead, I would love to tell you about my weekend! My sister came down and spent the night with me on Friday while Bryan went to hunt with his dad back home. I got to cook dinner with my sister (which if you know me, you know what a treat that was to cook with someone I love.), and then we got to have a good old fashioned slumber party! Then Saturday morning we packed up, met my parents, and headed to Union College to watch my brother’s game. I got to ride with Kristen the whole way there and, if you know the two of us together, you will not be surprised to hear that we sang literally the entire way there! I was the DJ, of course, and we sang and laughed and had such a good time just being sisters. And even though we are 26 and 23, I think this was the first time we drove on a “trip” together, just us two. Man, is that true? I guess so because ever since we were old enough to drive alone, I have never been healthy enough to do it. Wow, what a realization. Well that just makes it all the more special! I’m tellin ya, be thankful for even the smallest things in life. Just being able to drive down the road worry free is a blessing!

So once we got to Union, we ate and settled in for the game, which was especially exciting because my cousin and her husband both go to Union AND he plays football for them! So yes, we cheered for both sides but it worked out because both teams are orange and black so no one knew the difference. Georgetown did end up winning, woohoo, but the fun part was that we got to continue the party even after the game was over!

My cousin, Jessica, and her husband, Mikey, just got married this past May so going back to their apartment was getting to be there for the first time! It was so neat to see the both of them doing so well and to see them together in their very own home. They are such a sweet couple and truly exude a genuine and authentic love for one another. Mikey feels like he has been in our family forever! We hung out for a while and then all went out to eat and celebrate his birthday, and it felt like something we’ve done many times before. Funny how that works huh? When God brings someone into your family, they not only become family, they feel like family. What a gift.

After we ate dinner, my parents and I spent the night in London and then went to see my Papaw this morning. But before we went to visit, we drove around for a bit and we got to see the state park both of my parents went to as children, we drove all over some back road farm land, and we even saw the church where my mom first started to play piano. It was a beautiful morning for driving but the part I was most in awe of was the overwhelming sense of family and roots that I began to have. This is the second time recently that I have visited with family and then had the privilege of visiting areas where my parents spent a lot of their childhood, and each time has left me with that same feeling; that same sense of family and roots. It has left me wishing the weekend would never end and that we would have endless time to hear stories and see all of their memories. It has left me wishing I could drive by an old creek or church and I could somehow flip back and see my dad skipping rocks or my mom playing piano when her feet couldn’t reach the ground. You know what I mean? Like they do in movies? There is just something so comforting and secure about seeing places that have a history with your family and walking in the same spots that they did years ago. At first I couldn’t put my finger on what it was that was so touching to me, but then I felt something stir in my spirit and I knew exactly what it was.

I think why I was so touched was because this weekend was, for me, one of the best samplings of Heaven I could have on this earth. Just like I got to spend time with family this weekend, some day I will be in Heaven with my family and we actually will have endless time to be together talking, visiting, and telling stories I’m sure! I will never have to say goodbye (which is one of my very least favorite things to do in this life!) and the party, so to speak, will never cease! How stinkin awesome is that going to be?! I don’t know about you, but I love my family to pieces. So much so that ever since I was old enough to comprehend what goodbye meant, I have cried just about every time I leave being with family. There is something so precious about that time that it physically hurts me to leave! But thinking about how great the joy is when I am with family, and how deep the loss is when I have to say goodbye, it has really made me wonder. If earth is not my real home and I only get to experience part of my family here, what the crap it is going to feel like to be in Heaven, my one true home, with my whole family for the first time, AND we never have to end the family gathering?!?! Can you say overload?! I am not kidding when I tell you that even writing about this is making me cry right now. Heaven is going to be by far the best family time we have ever experienced that I am overwhelmed even trying to form words about how excited I am. And one of the best parts is that just like Mikey has come into my earthly family and fills a space that we didn’t even know was there and yet feels like he’s been there all along, every one of you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, are going to feel that same way for me! We will ALL be home and having “quality family time” and it will be for all of eternity. Forever. Without end.

Blows. My. Mind. Just thinking about it makes me giggly, I get so excited. Oh yeah, and we get to be in the presence of Jesus and our Heavenly Father! Yeah, I know that’s not a small detail to just throw in there at the end but I literally have NO words to even begin to talk about what that may be like. I have no idea but I do know that I can’t wait and I am so thankful for a God who even created the concept of a home and family. He has set my family roots deeper than I can even imagine. So deep that they aren’t even set in this universe or constrained by time. They are set in eternity and in the One being who created time! What a good God.

Ok so like I said, I have no more words on the matter. Get me talking about Heaven and seeing Jesus and I am speechless.

One last thing to share though. Today, before dropping me off at home, we also go to stop at Georgetown to see my brother in his last performance of the opera, “The Pirates of Pinafore.” It was a parody/operetta and it was hilarious. I was so proud of Jarrod and I must say, he was the best 🙂 Plus who of you has a brother who sings in three opera performances and plays a college football game all in the same weekend? Told you, my family is just awesome.

All righty, I am off to bed but thank you for listening for your continued prayers. Some day I may eventually get used to having so much freedom and no longer being a slave to health, but today is not that day and I am still in awe of even the smallest things. Who knew driving around small town Kentucky could invoke just a response?! At any rate, have a wonderful Monday, I will keep you updated on how my next externship is going, and I pray you enjoy any of your time with family this week! With Thanksgiving coming up, this is a month to be especially grateful and guess what I am thankful for? Yup, family, an eternal home, and the fact that we are all homeward bound.


3 thoughts on “Homeward Bound.

  1. Hello Kailen. This is Don Colyer friend of your grandparents the Dicks and Paulleta. I went to Clear Creek with Joel Dick. We were best friends. My wife and I have been following your blog and comments about your health problems. We have also been praying for you. Now it is your turn to pray for me. Tomorrow I will be having surgery on my right shoulder. A complete shoulder replacement. If you can remember I am the one who used crutches to walk. And after 45 years of doing that my shoulders are giving out. My right one is worse so that is the one that will have the replacement. So please remember me at noon tomorrow, Wednesday the 13th when I will be operated on. Please pass this on to your family. My home phone is 865-376-5695. My cell is 865-382-3747. Thanks. Love, Don Colyer and wife Dwain.

    • Mr. Colyer, this is Kailen! I certainly remember you and I will be praying all day tomorrow. Smooth surgery, God to guide the surgeons hands, no complications, and a swift recovery. In Jesus’ name! I will be in touch to see how you are doing. Thank you for letting me know!


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