A Holiday In Every Way!

Hello all! I know I probably should’ve written this post yesterday for full effect but seeing as I have been extremely busy already this week, this is the best I got! So… it’s my last week of radiation!!!!!!! I know, it flew by didn’t it? I feel like I just started and yet, here I am, almost done. I have started to feel the most obvious side effect of getting a slight “sunburn” but other than that, I am still going along smooth sailing. My doctor tells me my skin has held up really well so praise God for that! Radiation side effects are nothing crazy compared to chemo but still, I could imagine that a giant sunburnt blister all over my left chest would probably get old pretty quick.

Now let me add one disclaimer: I say that this is my last week but I may actually have to go a little in to next week. I only have 3 more regular treatments for sure, but I may not be able to fit in my treatments for the three spots other than my chest. We are still working on it so hopefully it will work out. Still, this is my last week for the usual treatment and then I am done and free! Radiation has become such a normal part of my day that I’m not going to know what to do on my lunch break now :).

At any rate, the end of radiation is fast approaching, as is the best time of the year! Holiday days are on their way and getting a temporary holiday from work and a permanent holiday from radiation is going to make for some sweet time off. It cannot come soon enough. I am so ready to spend time with family and friends, as always, but you know what I am also really excited for this year? I will soon get to experience my first Thanksgiving and Christmas being able to eat whatever I want, travel wherever I want, go as much as I want, and I may even brave Black Friday for the first time ever! I know that may not sound like a lot, but, for me, it is a new life. I am so used to holidays being bittersweet because I love seeing family and traveling around but traveling for me used to mean anxiety and internal stress. I could never just relax and fully enjoy where I was and who I was with because my colon was always a negative factor in whatever I wanted to do. But now, I get to enjoy every second of my holiday time and not have a single worry about my colon! What a difference a year can make when God is at work.

Not to mention, this year will be infinitely better than last year because cancer is beaten and God has healed me in more ways that I could have imagined He would! This time last year I was weak and getting weaker, bald and getting balder, skinny and getting skinnier, and all the while wondering what God was up to. This year, I am strong and getting stronger, I have hair and it’s getting longer, I am healthy and getting healthier, and I have only just begun to see the wondrous miracles God is going to perform. He using what the devil meant for evil and throwing it right back in his face! And I for one am sure thankful for that. I am thankful for a God who is never surprised by what evil is thrown our way but instead, always has a way of bringing to light the good that we seem to overlook. I am thankful for how the pain of this past year has grown me and deepened my faith. I am thankful for every opportunity I have to share my story with someone. And I am thankful for another Thanksgiving when I can have a holiday, but especially this year where it’s a holiday in EVERY way.


4 thoughts on “A Holiday In Every Way!

  1. Thank you again for sharing your life story with all of us. You are a gift and are inspiring and changing lives through your sharing. Your posts and using your gift of eloquent story telling is one way that I have personally seen God, through you, reaching and building up others. Thank you! Still praying for you every day.

  2. Such a beautiful and ongoing testimony of your faith, and God’s faithfulness!!! Love you all Kailen, and thank you for sharing your journey!!!

  3. So beautifully written, Kailen! So thankful to God for His provision in and through ALL things! God is good! Let the 2013 Holiday Festivities begin… 🙂

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