3-2-1 And Then Done!

How are you all?! Are you cheery? Are you excited?! Are you ready for some family time, food, and freedom from work?!? Cause I know I am! Today is my last day of work this week before we head to Thanksgiving at my grandparents and I am SO excited! I know I went on and on about this a few posts back but I really cannot fully convey how special these holidays are for me. Bring on the traveling. Bring on the crowded house. Bring. On. The. Food. I am ready to enjoy all of it free from inferior health! Praise God.

I know I said I have some amazing stories to share and I do! I just don’t have a lot of time to write them down and do them justice. I will find the time soon as I can though! Hint hint, last week was so fulfilling in that God showed me just how much of an impact I can have on patients as I work. I have been waiting so long to be well enough to share my story and this past week was full of opportunities! It was fulfilling and almost redemptive for me; to validate in a very tangible way that what I went through was worth it. I will share ASAP but for now, I am thankful to my God that I am healed and every day making the devil wish he had left me alone! Thank you, Jesus.

Quick update: Last Friday was my last day of regular radiation!!!!! I didn’t expect to but, when it was over I cried. I didn’t know I needed to but finishing was such a relief. One step closer. One more check off the list. One less procedure to prepare for. And one more victory in my story! And now today begins the first of three treatments to the three metastases. As of today, either the hip or tailbone cancer spot will be obliterated!!! Im not sure which one but it doesn’t matter. As long as it gets done! The other two spots will be after Thanksgiving and then I really will be done! And I will probably bawl :).

Thank you for your prayers! You all are all one of the top things I am thankful for this year. #TeamKCT is the best! Have safe travels and enjoy time with family! And, go ahead, stuff your face. I give you permission.


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