Thanks, But No Thanks.

Ok guys, I am in my bed, under two sets of covers, snugged up beside both dogs, wearing socks/sweats/tshirt/sweatshirt, and drinking piping hot coffee… it is WAY too cold for me folks! But you know what the good news is? Looks like I am heading to Minnesota where it’s actually minus 50 degrees with the wind chill… Yup, it would seem we are headed to Mayo once again. And no, the weather is something I am not even a little bit excited about but I AM excited about being with my doctor team up there again.

Here’s what happened yesterday with my doctors visit. Bryan and I drove up to Louisville to see a gynecologic surgeon who we had actually met with before. We figured we would update him on where I was with my health, he’d tell us his plan, and we’d schedule surgery. Instead, we updated him on where I am with my health, he told us his plan, and as soon as he started speaking, I felt God say, “No. You need to go to Mayo.” Not exactly what I was expecting but we still listened to the rest of what the surgeon said he would be able to do for us, and, the more he spoke, the more apparent it was that he was not who God had to do my surgery. He kept talking about what a complicated case I would be, they had no idea what my insides would look like after having my colon removed, there was a risk of perforating my small intestine which would lead to a new ileostomy, there was a high risk of infection because of the abscess I’d had after colectomy… So, Bryan and I said thank you, but no thank you; and it’s off to Mayo we go.

I called my oncologist at Mayo yesterday and this morning I got a call saying I have appointments scheduled for this coming Monday, February 3rd. The surgeon I will meet with will actually be doing surgery the following two days after I see him; so I could have surgery as soon as a week from now! But they may need some more imaging and testing, in which case surgery may be delayed a couple days. Either way, I will be having surgery within the next week and a half.

We don’t have anything against the doctors here in Louisville but, even after all I’ve been through, I forget sometimes how complicated of a patient I am. To me, it’s just my life and what I always go through, but when the doctors see me on paper, I am everything but your typical case. Because of that, we really feel like it will be best to go back to Mayo to see the same doctors who have done all of my previous invasive procedures, they know what I look like on the inside, they have the most up to date technology and methods, and they see cases like me all the time. Plus we have the same emotions as we did before colon surgery. What if something were to go wrong here and I wondered what would have been different if I’d just gone to Mayo? When we go to Mayo we just don’t have to think so much and we know the doctors are looking at me as a whole picture and aren’t going to miss anything. So… off we go!

Mom and I will probably be making the initial visit seeing as Bryan has block exams this Friday and Monday. (Perfect timing, I know.) So Bryan will miss my first appointments but he will be able to come up for the surgery as soon as it’s scheduled.

Let me just say again that I am STILL amazed at how Bryan is even functioning. He studies constantly, still performs very well in his classes, he’s always there when I need to talk or cry, he is forever supporting me and making sure I am ok, and he fights for me without ceasing. Not to mention, this semester he is having to sit through learning all there is to know about pharmacy as it pertains to cancer. He has to sit through slides on the side effects of chemo, how cancer works and spreads in a body, and listening to professors tell him all the odds of ‘cancer at this age means not good odds of survival’… and yet he still comes home to me and refuses to let his faith in the Lord’s survival rates be altered. He is a man among men and I am so thankful I have him to lean on. Thank you, Lord.

Ok so the rest of this week I will be getting ready for my trip and helping Bryan survive studying for blocks :). Please be praying for the doctors at Mayo as they look over my charts and scans, that they will be able to form a plan for my surgery that is 100% God directed and centered whether they know it or not!

And so it begins again.


10 thoughts on “Thanks, But No Thanks.

  1. Hi honey! So glad you’re ears are open and you’re listening for guidance! You are in great hands at Mayo and with your faith and determination, you will beat the odds yet again! Prayers from our family to yours! Blessings! All the Bradys!

  2. Kailen, you and Bryan are in my prayers. When I read about all the obstacles you have faced, and the ones you are still facing, I wonder sometimes how you have the strength to go on. Then I read about your unwavering faith in The Lord through all of this, and I am ashamed of my complaining about things in my life. I truly admire you and Bryan for your tremendous outlook on life, no matter what it throws at you. God bless you and your entire family and know that I will be praying for you.

  3. Lifting you up dear Kailen! And yes, the Lord has blessed you exceeding abundantly with a husband like Bryan. Not to mention your whole amazing family! Thank you for sharing your heart, life and struggles, and most of all, your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. With God all things are possible, and there is always more going on than what we know in the middle of our battles. You are an inspiration….God speed dear one~

  4. God Speed my sweet Kailen. Praising Him for speaking clearly and thanking Him for all the connections all the way to Bryan learning all about meds so he is aware to possibilities and reactions. God’s hands and most importantly undeniably His heart is all over this and will carry you through. Prayers and more prayers are going up for you in Jesus’ name. He is our anchor!!

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