Back In Action!

Good, Sunday morning all! As of this moment, my parents and I are off to the airport and will be flying out for Mayo shortly! We should be at our hotel just in time to watch the Super Bowl so our travel day worked out okay.

Tomorrow I have two appointments. One with my oncologist, and one with my surgeon. As of now, I am tentatively scheduled for surgery on Tuesday! I know, that’s Mayo efficiency for ya. We don’t know what the surgery will look like yet but we will find out about that tomorrow.

Till then, have a blessed day, pray for safe travels, pray for Bryan as he studies for his exam tomorrow, and go Seahawks/Broncos! (I haven’t decided who I’m cheering for just yet 🙂


8 thoughts on “Back In Action!

  1. I always read but never comment on your updates. But I wish you the best as I think of you often. May traveling mercies be with you and may God lay his hands on you and help you through this. Prayers for you, Kim&Jeff, and Bryan.

  2. Hi Pretty Girl!
    Prayers were launched this morning. Gave a testimony of your faith and amazing strength that the Lord has given you. Prayers remain for all your requests and concerns. Going on 65 I am and I pray that if I ever grow up I wanna be just like YOU!
    Hug Huddle with your wonderful parents and pretend I am there !
    I love you Kailen and Bryan and all your family!
    Granny Suzi

  3. Thank you for checking in and giving us an update! Like you, I haven’t decided who Im’ cheering for either…..I’m just glad that my family is together and we have a rood over our head, good food, fire in the buckstove… get the picture! 🙂 Love you very much, and continuing to watch and pray, with and for you guys. Keep yourself centered on that surfboard as you ride the wave of life….Jesus has GOT YOU. He’s GOT THIS. We are not our own…..bought with a price. A PRICE. His precious Blood. He knows what He’s doing…..and you, dear Kailen, are the apple of His Eye~

    Love to all of you! And may the best team win…….while we already know that eternally speaking, we are on the RIGHT(eous) Team (Jesus) that has already WON. 🙂

  4. Praying for you & Bryan daily,
    Philippians 4:7
    And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your mindsi in Christ Jesus

    Blessings to you born,
    Ruth Perry

  5. Praying in unison precious Kailen. Glad you are on your way and things are coming together at the Mayo Clinic. Let me help you with who to cheer for…Go Broncos!

  6. Praying for you, Bryan, parents, siblings, extended family, friends the physicians, nurses and ever detail of the next few days. Since your last journey to the Mayo clinic we have moved from Wisconsin to Lexington. Will continue to follow your blog and lift up to The Lord your requests and I will make sure you get added to our prayer chain at East Hickman Baptist Church. Thank you for the encouraging words. “I need to reflect more in the scheme of things”. What an encouragement! Cathy

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