Mayo Is Good; God Is Gooder.

I know it’s late but I am just getting time to sit down and type. So here’s the plan quickly before I go to bed.

Today was a LONG day! Doctors from 6:30-4:00 but the good thing about Mayo is that we finished all the consults we needed and I report for surgery tomorrow morning at 6:45 eastern time!! That’s right, just that quick and we are ready to go.

Basically we still don’t know what the surgery will look like and we won’t know until he cuts me open and sees inside. They are concerned about there being a lot of scar tissue from previous surgeries and lot of scar tissue = need for a bigger incision instead of laparoscopically. Ideally they will do it laparoscopically, which they will try first, but if not it’s an old fashioned cut up the middle. But the surgeon assured us that they strive to keep it as minimally invasive as possible and what a comfort that was! I know it shouldn’t really matter but ya know, I don’t really want to be any more scarred and cut up that I already am :).

So yes, today was long. No, I don’t really want to have to do it. But, just like every other surgery before, I am so at peace right now. Part of that is because Bryan just finally arrived safely… which always helps! But it is also because God is so abundantly covering me with His peace right now. I am ready to go, not nervous at all, and somehow it really doesn’t seem so awful. Now tomorrow it may hit me and I may be bawling my eyes out and begging them not to do it! But I don’t think that will be the case. Best part about being a child of God is that you don’t have to only see things as they appear. I know God has a plan and His plan WILL be better than anything I could imagine.

Ok, I have got to go to bed, BIG day tomorrow, and I need some rest. Pray for no complications and God to be with the surgeons hands! Someone will update and I’ll post again as soon as I can. Thank you all!!

(And sorry for any typos, I’m pooped from today :).)


5 thoughts on “Mayo Is Good; God Is Gooder.

  1. Prayers have been sent your way today and tomorrow and the days to come!!! God’s peace remain on you and Bryan! His healing hand be upon you through your doctor’s hands and decisions!!! We will carry you close to our hearts!!!

  2. Lifting you up in prayer, Kailen!! Your faith and strength is an inspiration to all. Praying for good news and a speedy recovery for you!

  3. I will be praying and trusting the Lord for His perfect will, His grace poured out, and that righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost will be your portion! And….that His Love will keep, guard and guide your heart THROUGH this experience. May the fragrance of Jesus fill the atmosphere around you~ xo

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