Good evening ladies and gents and happy JULY?! Man oh man, this summer is flying by already! I am thankful that is has, so far, been flying by with tons of time with friends and family but I want it to slow down! Still, I’ll take a quick but healthy summer over a long and sickly one any day.

In the name of a healthy summer… I got my PET scan results back! I talked briefly with my doctor and turns out that the scan was decent. He said that there was some progression of cancer cells in some areas of my spine but that there were also some areas that showed some regression. No cancer has spread into any of my vital organs (which is a HUGE thank you, Lord) but it looked like there could possibly be something in one of my lymph nodes in my neck? They aren’t totally for sure. So basically, some spots looked worse and some looked better but the plan of action against the cancer is not going to change. My doctor even said that since the tumor markers in my blood work have gone down steadily, that is a really good sign and sometimes the blood work shows good progress before a scan will. So it’s possible that the new medicine is working better than what this scan showed and that by the time we do another scan, that one may show the progress that my current blood work is already showing. Make sense? Ok, good 🙂

So for now, thank you all so much for praying for Bryan and I and please please do not stop! I am thankful for this decent report but I will not stop bombarding the gates of Heaven for my miracle! I believe with ALL of my heart that God is my healer and that He can clear my body 100% of any cancer cell that may be trying to destroy me. I mean, think about it. If He can wipe us all clean of every sinful action, thought, intention, or emotion that we have ever had?… Hello people, cancer don’t stand a chance!


2 thoughts on “Decency.

  1. Hey Pretty Girl! I just can’t stop praising the Lord. Will never stop praising Him and praying in agreement with you that He can Heal! I love you and Bryan and all the family dearly. At my Post daily! I may just go outside and jump up and down. Yep! I am! Here come the Love Hugs on SEND! Shout to the Lord! AMEN! I love you cuties! Granny Suzi

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