Pressing On: Chemo Starts Tomorrow!

Good evening everyone! Sorry to disappoint :), but this is Bryan again. Kailen and I simply wanted to give you a brief update as we embark upon a new week in our battle.

Kailen has not been doing well of late: she has dealt with persistent and debilitating back pain, stiffness throughout her body, nausea and vomiting, and has had very little appetite, resulting in weight loss. Please pray for each of these things specifically, asking God to heal and restore Kailen completely and permanently.

But don’t stop there — please be praying for us as we start chemotherapy tomorrow afternoon. Pray it is both effective and tolerable; pray against nausea, body aches, significant immunosuppression, and hair loss. But most of all, pray that the drug product would simply be the tool God uses to ultimately accomplish healing for Kailen and our family.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We hope everyone has had a nice weekend and has a great start to the week.

In His Grip,

Bryan and Kailen


12 thoughts on “Pressing On: Chemo Starts Tomorrow!

  1. We are praying for miraculous healing! God bless you both tomorrow and always!! Stay the fight! May you both feel His amazing love as you walk this journey! Many are loving you through this with prayer!

  2. By being blessed to have Bro. Kenneth and Mae at our church and loving them so much, we have come to know you and love you as well! We pray for you and your family in our Sunday school classes and our church services. We feel such a close connection and we know that it is because we are all family in Christ. We have been and will continue to pray for God’s healing, but until then we pray that He will wrap His arms around you and give you the strength you need during these difficult times.

  3. Dear Kaillin &; Bryan,
    My prayers are with you both with out ceasing. God is the great physician guiding all her doctor. May you both feel His peace guidance and complete healing
    I 1st met Kailin at Pink Touch at SCC. It was my first meeting. I have a different kind of cancer. I also have an ileostormy at that time close to 2 years. We did discuss my comfort with it. I am so thankful that she is handling her’s well.
    My prayers continue. I am in Rehab now with pneumonia & have much more time to pray.
    In His love.
    Ruth Perry

  4. I am praying for Kailen, for you Bryan (thanks for keeping us updated), and for both of your families as you walk this difficult path. Grace and Peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be multiplies to you through His Holy Spirit…..may Divine Healing flow…..may God’s Strength be made perfect in and through your weakness. Praying in the Spirit, and with the understanding~

  5. Bryan & Kailen, We are friends with your Uncle Jay and Aunt Julie. We have been praying for your total and complete healing for sometime. We will continue to stand in the gap believing that our God is a God of miracles and He can and does speak healing into existence. We are asking that God CRUSH the Cancer and DESTROY it at it’s very root, never to return again! May every hand that touches Kailen, be the healing hand of Jesus. May every drug that enters her body go exactly where it is needed. May He give you both the extra portion of strength, courage and determination to stand strong in the face of the enemy and remind him of his fate! May Jesus give you His peace that surpasses all understanding as He holds you both so tight to His chest! Just know that you have many prayer warriors that have put on the armor and are ready to do battle for you both! Standing in the gap and praying for Kailens COMPLETE and TOTAL HEALING!

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