Round Two, Down & Done.

Hello all! So chemo #2 today went great 🙂 If you can ever put “chemo” and “great” in the same sentence and sound sane. But yeah, it went and there were no complications, so for that, I am thankful. My white counts were down a little bit but we were still able to do the treatment no problem.

So the treatment went off without a hitch but, as always, we were happy to just get it over with. And as always again, keep praying against any negative side effects. This chemo is stronger than the last chemo I did so naturally the side effects are a little more potent as well. I had a rough week last week as far as negative side effects go, so please be praying this week is nothing like that in comparison. Because by “rough week” I mean I didn’t even want to make it through the day last Wednesday.

It was crazy hard physically to have all those side effects hit so hard and so quick; but the fact that it hit basically before we could even accept the fact that we were actually having to do chemo again in the first place… How do you grasp the fact that you are feeling these side effects that take away your very humanity when you haven’t even accepted the fact that you are in this place in life again? Progressing cancer, radiation, chemo again… all of it just happened so quickly… losing my strength, some of my freedom, my peace of mind… all over again… and all when it wasn’t supposed to be this way… like I said, it’s been a rough week and I pray this week to come is infinitely better. So join with us in these prayers!

Thank you all for praying and love to you all! #TeamKCT



12 thoughts on “Round Two, Down & Done.

  1. You are In my prayers. So impressed by your faith,strength, and courage.May God continue to strengthen you and Brian and your entire family in the days ahead. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. Kailen, you don’t know me but I knew you when you were little. I grew up knowing your momma and her Family. Your Grandpa Ken married me. I read your blog all the time and send prayers for you and your husband up everyday. I have my church family praying too. You are strong in your faith and I know you get discouraged but stay strong. “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” 3 John Verse 2 God has a wonderful plan for you, you are a gifted writer and have touched a lot of people. Stay strong.

  3. A mere comment doesn’t even seem to be enough…..I don’t really have the words to express my heart, but this is the best way right now I suppose to ‘reach out and touch’……and reaching out I am Kailen, to all of you, with my heart, thoughts and prayers. I cannot even imagine what it is like to walk in your shoes…..well, heck, you probably are going barefoot….shoes can be annoying, and the ground you are walking on is holy ground for sure, as it is a path which brings you to the end of self and to the Glory and intimacy with Christ in a way that is impossible without the sufferings of this life.

    We never really get to choose the sufferings do we? The challenges, the heartaches, the tough and difficult things seem to find us without any help from us at times…….hard to understand why the path twists and turns the way it does sometimes, and yet…….like you are already doing, holding fast to The Lover of our Souls has become *not* and option for us as Christians, God’s kids…..but it has become the very LIFE, the dsperate and passionate vital necessity of our existence…….TO KNOW HIM……is eternal life (John 17:3), and to know Him in the power of His Resurrection (her and now) and in the fellowship of His Suffering (here and now)…….(Phil. 3:10-11).

    Hard stuff. But it’s the stuff that matters….and without Him and His Grace that is all sufficient, we would have no reason to live, even exist, at all!

    For the JOY that He has set before us, we shall endure, and be found faithful at His Coming. The culmination of our salvation will be that when we see Him, we shall be LIKE HIM! I cannot even imagine what the ages to come with Him will be like, but I know it is real, and we are being prepared now, in this brief life, to rule and reign and live and love and be WITH HIM …… FOREVER… His Kingdom which shall HAVE NO END.

    That is what you and I, and all of those who call upon the Name of Jesus, and who trust in Him no matter what, THAT is what we have to look forward to. Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man all that God has prepared for those who love Him!

    Until then, we walk by faith and not by sight, and by His grace we deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him.

    As living sacrifices, we become the fragrance of Christ amidst those who are perishing and those who are being saved…….never take for granted, for one minute, the beauty of Christ that shines through you, and is touching countless hundreds…..probably thousands! Or more……

    Well, I guess once i got started the words came. It is not just through me, but to me that these words pierce, for my heart needs to cling to these truths daily.

    I love you and your beautiful family, and again, keep you in my heaert, thoughts and prayers. May Hid Kingdom come and His Will be done in and through your life today…..righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, that’s the Kingdom of God, and your heart His throne.

    You are beautiful….inside and out…..and He is leading you in triumph today. TODAY.

    Love, Becky

  4. Sorry for the typos… fingers get to flying when words come, and I sometimes hit the wrong keys…..oh well. 🙂

  5. I can do little else but think of you today and lift you up to our Heavenly Father. You are in His hands today and every day. I am praying for you. Thank you for your witness of His love and presence in your life. It touches me and all those who are praying for you in your struggle.

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