Round Three & I’m Free!

Good evening to all!! Today is a GOOD day and it is such for many reasons. First of all, have you looked around?!?? It has been stunning outside the past few days! At least in the Lexington/Louisville area anyways and we have been soaking up every minute of the beautiful fall colors and clean air that we can. Bryan has been climbing trees, the dogs have been panting more than sleeping (which is always a good sign), and I have actually felt just about wonderful this whole week. Praise God. Praise God. Praise God!!

And that is the second reason why this week has been SO good! God has totally answered our prayers as far as covering me with His favor and protecting me from negative side effects. I have had NO pain, NO nausea, my appetite has grown even MORE, I have had ENERGY abundant, I have been able to sleep ALL night, and I am beyond grateful to say that the Lord God Almighty has restored to me my joy, and my hope, and my peace, and my trust in Him. I will admit, it has taken me longer this time to accept that I have to walk down this path again, and my flesh has fought hard against giving up control of the situation and giving it to God. Logic says “I gave it to God before. Look what happened. I hoped high. Look how far I fell. I had faith, and look how I was rewarded…” That’s what my flesh says. That’s what satan whispers in my ear. That’s what the prince of lies wants me to believe. But the God of the universe is whispering something else…

He says, “Come to me and I WILL give you rest. My yolk IS easy and my burden is light. My joy will be YOUR strength. In ME there is hope. In my presence there is PEACE. I WILL heal you of your wounds because by MY stripes you are healed. I will rescue those who trust in me. ASK and you shall receive. You have not because you ask not. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy but I, I have come that they may have life and that they may have it MORE abundantly.” THAT is what my Heavenly Father is telling me and THAT is what I am choosing to believe. It is only in Him that I have hope and without Him, if I turn away from Him, I have nothing. Nothing at all. Without God there is no hope for life and joy in this world and with Him I have a joy and a peace that surpasses all understanding. And when you are facing cancer, something that makes NO sense and is not understood at all, I sure as heck need some joy and peace. So here I am Lord, I surrender to you and I thank you for the healing to come and Your protection from side effects in the mean time.

I have to thank you all as well for rising up as an army on our behalf yet again and bombarding Heaven with prayers for us. It has been amazing and humbling this week as I have felt God’s presence and covering surrounding my body at times and sheltering me from the terrible symptoms I could be battling right now. At times I can truly feel your prayers surrounding me and in those moments, I thank God that if we have to go through this, at least we have the best support we could’ve ever dreamt of! Please continue to pray in any way the Lord leads you to and know that Bryan and I do not take you for granted!

(Also, side note, as we are approaching colder days and the colds, stomach bugs, and germs that sadly come along with the cold… Please remember if you see me that now that the chemo is taking full effect, I am in full hand washing, sanitizing, steer clear of the germs mode! So think quick before I run up and hug you cause sometimes I forget about germs when it’s time to hug :). Love you all!)



12 thoughts on “Round Three & I’m Free!

  1. Praise God and His goodness and mercy towards you! Your faith is beyond inspiring… The graces that flow through you are immeasurable!!!! Keep up the fight!!! May His blessings continue to surround you!!!


  3. So so inspiring; brought me to tears! I’m so thankful to have such a strong woman in my life. Your life is centered around Christ and I could not have a better role model. I love you K! Praying for you daily! #TeamKCT

  4. Beautiful beyond words….learning to fear no evil in this valley is a victory not easily gained, but by His Grace, nothing is impossible! Love to you Kailen today, and may He continue to make your feet like hinds feet!

    • Yes, thank you! “Hinds feet on high places” is one of my favorite books!! I re read it every time something difficult is happening in life 🙂

  5. Yea!!! This is super good news to ANSWERED prayers!!!!! Continuing prayer for you!! You are an AMAZING lady and you are the STRONGEST person I know. Hugs sweetie!!!

  6. Your words speak so much truth and are so powerful. They jump off the screen and right into my heart! Thank you for sharing your journey; my prayers for you will continue. And may I say that you rock a shaved head better than Demi Moore ever did! ☺️

  7. So glad you are doing so wonderful, wow no pain, amazing! You absolutely glow, so
    Full of The Lord. Your courage and Love for Jesus is an encouragement for all of us who are going through things that are difficult to deal with. I’m not sure I can encourage you tonight, but you sure encouraged me. Blessings, Betty Talbot

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