Round 5

Good evening all! Just a quick update, chemo round 5 this Monday went great! Thank you, Jesus. All of my white counts are back up, all other blood work looked good, and the appointment was probably the smoothest yet! (Despite the frigid temps! The first snow always throws everyone into a frenzy but we managed to survive the 5 inches of snow and made it back home in one piece.)

I will be writing a full blog update either later this week or next week. I know y’all are just dying to know all that I’ve been up to! 🙂 well spoiler alert, it’s been a whole lot of sitting, crafting, reading, watching tv, and staying warm by the fire. And I’m not complaining! I really am doing great but I just haven’t much felt like writing lately. I’ve sat down and started several posts but haven’t had the words, so I figured I’ll just wait till I do!

So till then, thank you all for your prayers as always. I really am feeling well, all things considered, and I am so blessed to be able to say that as I am walking through chemo. So many undergoing chemo feel hardly as well on their best days as I do on my worst days, and I do NOT take that for granted. I don’t really believe in telling yourself “it could always be worse” than the situation you are in, but I do believe it is very important to keep a healthy and Heavenly perspective. (Grand scheme it!) And I try to do that every day and remain thankful for all that I am still able to enjoy. Thank you, Lord. For Your mercies are new every day. #TeamKCT



7 thoughts on “Round 5

  1. I was just studying yesterday in the little book of Philemon how God can makes us useful. I want to thank you for unselfishly putting yourself and your struggles out there so that we may be blessed and He may be glorified. Praying you be filled and overflowing with His Word.

  2. So good to read your update! Rejoicing with you that things went smoothly. I continue to pray for you and all your family and send love and hugs your way! Giving thanks for you and for how God is blessing others, including me, through you!

  3. Kailen. You are a great example for so many of us. May you have a grand Thankssgiving. Praying for you dauly. In His love,

    Ruth Perry

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