Snow Doctors For Me!!

Happy snow day y’all!! If you are reading this post anywhere near Kentucky, or the eastern half of the United States I think, you are enjoying some gooooood snow! We have a beautiful 10.5 inches of snow here and it may still snow again later. The world is white and the Taylor’s are loving it!! (If you know Bryan, you know he is obsessed with weather but specifically, snow. He has been up since early this morning with a white marker board in the kitchen with an official measurement every hour on the hour of how deep the snow is. He’s a mess!)

If you haven’t guessed yet, my doctors appointments were cancelled this morning due to the snow! I did not have chemo today and I did not get to see my doctor to talk about my test results from this past Friday. So the plan as of now is to wait till Friday when I will have the MRI of my thigh, and then I will see my doctor and talk about the results from all of my tests.

So while we were really looking forward to hearing my results, it worked out well because we are now able to enjoy the snow with family! It’s been a day full of snow, coffee, crocheting for me, snow fun for Bryan, puppy snugs, and family. Talk about an ideal day!!

Something that is not so ideal though is that I am not feeling too good right now. My back is seizing up and having small spasms, and I have a spot in my abdomen that could potentially be a torn muscle. If I strain my lower abdomen at all, I have a quick searing pain there and as you could imagine, it is NOT any fun and is super inconvenient. I am currently having to walk around hunched over and with a cane… yeah it’s real purdy. But it’s still a wonderful day so please be praying my body begins to line up with my circumstances!!

Love to you all and have a great snow day!!!!


4 thoughts on “Snow Doctors For Me!!

  1. You guys are such an inspiration to us. Our dr apts for Mattie were also cancelled but glad to be home snuggled in. We love you guys and pray for comfort and relief from the pain so you can enjoy this beautiful day!! Miss you both!!!❄️❄️❄️❄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • We love you much and miss you more! I can’t wait to be back and able to come over for dinner and dance dance again 🙂 We pray for Matt every night still. Canceling doctors is great but rescheduling is never fun 😏 Love you all!

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