Can’t Make It? No Sweat! 

Hey folks, I have been getting a lot of questions today about what to do if you can’t make it by Gustavo’s tomorrow for the fundraiser. Well no worries! If you can’t come and eat, you can still support Team KCT. If you’re out of state, busy, or just want to support in your own way, then below is a mailing address to which you can send your contributions. 

Attn. Kim Combs

3402 Goose Creek Road. 

Louisville, KY 40241

(Make any checks out to: Kailen Taylor, and put Team KCT in the memo.)

And if you cannot find this post again for some reason, you can also find this mailing address on the “How You Can Help” page of this website. 

Also, I will not be able to make an appearance at Gustavos tomorrow. I have a prior commitment that I cannot move, so I apologize if any of you were expecting to see me. As much as I would LOVE to sit around and eat chips and Queso all day and talk to everyone, life must go on 🙂 

Still, Bryan and I want to thank you all again for your support! Monetarily, spiritually, emotionally… we have the best team walking with us! We love you ALL!


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