Food, Fun, & a Fundraiser! 

Well, it’s been a while folks! And I don’t have much time to give a full update like I usually do, but I do have a very special update for you. This Wednesday, April 15th, there is going to be a special fundraiser for Team KCT! It will be taking place at Gustavos Mexican Grill in Crestwood, Kentucky. All of the details are on this flier (below) and we would appreciate any support that is given. Just present this flier and 10% of your meal will be donated to Team KCT to help with the many continued medical expenses that Bryan and I are still faced with.

It’s a win, win situation really! You get to eat some delicious food, take some friends along and you’ll have great company, and all the while you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that simply by eating, you are being a tremendous blessing to Bryan and me.

All right, I said I wasn’t going to give an update but I’m here and actually feel like writing for a sec so here’s a quick summary! Last I posted, I had been dealing with back spasms and my right leg was still very swollen with lymph fluid. A week after I last posted was my 25th birthday and, unfortunately, It was one of the worst days of my life. I woke up a little after midnight on my birthday morning because my bed was soaked after I had battled some pretty severe hot flashes. (Because of those hot flashes, Bryan was sleeping in a different bed at the time so I could better regulate my body temperature and hopefully not have as many flashes.) So I got up, changed clothes, changed my sheets, and tried to go back to sleep. However, a few hours later, I woke up once again to damp clothes and a damp bed. This time, I was so fed up that I decided to get up and take  a shower before trying to go back to bed again. So at this point, it’s 3 o’clock the morning of my birthday and I am in the shower bawling because I could already tell what kind of a day was ahead of me.

After I showered, I tried to go back to sleep but never could. Instead, I stayed awake, threw up several times, and continued to cry as the pain all throughout my body became more and more intense. I stayed in bed until everyone else started to get up and that’s when Bryan came into my room to see me. As soon as he saw my face, he knew what kind of a night I had battled and he too knew what kind of a day was ahead of us. You’ve heard the saying, cancer is no discerner of persons? Well it’s also true that cancer doesn’t care whether or not it’s your birthday. And this past birthday, I learned the truth of that saying all too well.

I guess I should also mention that my birthday fell on the time when Bryan was on rotation in Madisonville so we were staying at his parents house for the 6 weeks. Because of that, I was extra excited for my birthday because that meant my family was coming from Oldham Co. to Bryan’s parents and we were all going to get to be together to celebrate. (Which doesn’t happen all too often.) My family did end up coming to celebrate with me, we had all my favorite foods to eat, and I was blessed with some beautiful presents, but… I don’t remember hardly any of it. By the evening of my birthday, I was in so much pain and on so much medicine for the pain, that I was wiped out and it all became a blurr. Sadly, I do remember the worst part of my birthday though. By the end of the celebration, Bryan and I just looked at each other because we knew I wasn’t going to be in Ohio Co much longer. We knew I needed to pack my bags and get back to Louisville. And we knew I needed to get to the doctor. So that’s what I did. I had to leave my husband on the night of my birthday, get in a car, and make one of the most painful 2 hour drives I have ever had to make.

However, I did make it! I made it back to my parents house, had a fitful nights sleep, and went to the hospital the next morning. (P.S. We barely made it to the hospital! We ran into major traffic, my dad got out of the car to tell a semi driver to radio ahead to let us through, my nose started bleeding all over my new shirt, we drove about 6 miles on the rumble strip on the side of the road, and THEN we finally made it to the hospital just before all my medicine started to wear off.) But we did make it. I stayed in the hospital for about 5 days and then was released to go home and start taking chemo pills.

So I won’t go into major detail, but basically what caused the flare up back then was firstly, cancer rearing it’s ugly head, and secondly, we waited to long between stopping IV chemo and starting the chemo pills. Not that we had much choice, with mother nature dropping a foot of snow every other week, how was a girl supposed to get to the doctor?! ha. Anyway, things are under control as of now, I have a lot of hair on my head!!!, I have much more energy than I did with IV chemo, and there’s really not much more to report. I definitely had some high and low days between then and now, but God proved Himself faithful once again and delivered us through the dark times.

I’ll expand on those times at a later date, but until then, don’t forget to put Gustavos on your calendar for this Wednesday, April 15th! Rememer, good food, good friends, and a good time to be a blessing to Bryan and me. We love you ALL and want to thank you so much for your prayers over the last few months, even when you haven’t known much of what was going on. Even when we can’t see your support, we never stop feeling it. I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of Spring as much as we are and I’ll talk to y’all again soon!



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