Team KCT Tees Available

Good afternoon everyone! Ok, one last post for the week 🙂

First, don’t forget that today is the Team KCT fundraiser at Gustavos! Stop by any time today, present the flier, and 10% of your meal will be donated to Team KCT. 

Second, we have big news! With the help of some dear friends, we found/have created a website where you all can go and buy a Team KCT t-shirt! I know you all have just been busting at the seams to buy one. Or get a new one because you’ve worn your first one to threads right? I knew it! So ta da, you can now go get one!

The website is but I’ll post the official link below. The cool part about this site is you can go, order as many shirts as you want, and donate extra if you choose to. They will ship the shirt to you and they’ll even give you the info for tax purposes.

As of now the shirts will be available for 2 weeks and we have a goal to sell 100 shirts. We will make the shirts available again after the 2 weeks are up, but the site only allows you to sell shirts in campaigns that are specified lengths. So for now, they’re only available for 2 weeks so get ’em while you can! 

Thank you, thank you all AGAIN for your support! I’ve already received several texts saying people are on their way to Gustavos, and we’ve already sold several t-shirts. So thank you, thank you for taking your time to think of us. We have the best team!!


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